Community Service Letter Template – 6 Sample Templates

It is said that community service brings you closer to god and this always satisfies you because you can do directly something for your fellow human being. Community service letters are usually issued by the organization which conducts several programs for community service and volunteers can help them to have a smooth program.

Usually, these are unpaid bt the value of the certificate is huge because it shoes your compassion towards the society, it shows your volunteering skills and how humane you are.

Community Service Letter Template

Community Service Letter Template Sample 1

Dear Mr.Anderson,

I am writing to confirm the community service contributed by Rebecca Jones at our association. She has been demonstrated to be persevering and devoted. 

We at WE ARE FAMILY work with oppressed families and are continually needing volunteers to help us in executing our activities. We have been in presence throughout the previous 7 years and it is a direct result of the volunteers who take out time from their boisterous daily practice to serve the community. 

I thus affirm that Rebecca Jones has placed in 30 hours of community service as ordered by We are Family. I have connected his/her community service report and authentication for your reference. 

On the off chance that you need any extra data, kindly don’t stop for a second to get in touch with us. You may contact us on 876898765 or send us an email at [email protected] 


Martha Thomas 


Community Service Letter Template Sample 2 

Dear Jane Austin, 

Jane is an inspired specialist who submits the vast majority of her time into making huge commitments to Kids Place. Since her inclusion in our motivation, we have been hitting record quantities of money related gifts from everywhere throughout the city. Her enthusiasm and vitality appear to have a huge impact which drives the entire group into giving more for the improvement of the community. 

Such achievement was additionally conceivable in view of Jane’s imaginative raising support thoughts. She generally goes the additional mile to concoct creative ideas and commits a colossal measure of time into executing them. She is likewise the individual who doesn’t stop until all the work is finished. 

Jane is extremely dedicated to helping the community. I emphatically accept that he/she will make a phenomenal Position in your association. 

Much thanks.




Community Service Letter Template Sample 3

Hello Mrs. Beyonce

Community service is one of the noblest things and we are a team of 25 people who work for primary education of kids from underprivileged families.

Sofia joined this cause two years back when she came across a kid from her locality who was extremely bright but couldn’t afford school and she started teaching her personally but with time she wanted to contribute to more and more children’s life.

She is full of enthusiasm and has always given us innovative ideas for teaching the students and also for fundraising. I came  across that she is joining you full time from the next month and I would like to say that she is a gem of a person and has amazing communication skills.

I would like to request you to take up education for underprivileged as your next CSR activity so that we get more and more support from various domains of our society.




Community Service Letter Template Sample 4

Hello Mr. Gosslings,

This is to certify that Tenancy Thomas, was volunteering at church for the last 3 years and have completed 60 hours of service with us.

She is a very spiritual kid and has always helped people around her. We do need more and more volunteers like her who are so compassionate and would selflessly and tirelessly work for the country and in service of God. She is very kind and has shared her understanding in the church about humanity and how important is gratitude. I feel she will prove to be a good team player.

If you would like to know anything else, do reach out to me on 98765432 or [email protected]


Father of Church


Community Service Letter Template Sample 5

Respected Mr. Anderson,

This is to certify that Ron Jonas has been a part of our organization for the last 3 months and has done community service in the nonprofit organization which works for disabled people named “ BRAVE HEROES “. He has completed 60 hours of community service and has been very regular with us.

This chap is extremely kind and has always found ways to entertain these people and make sure that they get the best possible amenities. He has been working along with various legal firms as of now for applying for new requests in the judiciary so that these people dont face any discrimination.

As he is supposed to join your firm which works in the legal domain I feel his experience is going to help him and with this attitude, he is going to achieve heights.

If there is anything else you would want to know, kindly let me know or connect to me on 98765432.



Community Service Letter Template Sample 6

Hello Miss. Mary,

It is a matter of happiness for me to know that the lad named “Charlie Keith”, who has been a regular volunteer in our cause for environmental safety in the organization named “ Green Earth”.

This boy has completed almost 70 hours of community service and has been regularly organizing tree plantation drives in various parts of the cities. I must say that his will power to do something significant to make people aware of the environment is very strong.

He has been an extremely dedicated person all through this time. He is very well aware about the current happenings throughout the world and is very creative when its comes to campaign designing for awareness.

We have currently put him in the team for client handling so that we get more funds as he is very convincing in nature and successfully got a few clients on board too.

If you would like to know anything else about him, you can reach out to our phone – 897555326. We would be happy to help you with this process.

Green Earth


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