An Appointment Letter For The Role Of Pastor

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Sub: Appointment Letter For The Role Of Pastor

Dear [ Name of Applicant],

It gives us immense pleasure and happiness to welcome you to the role of [Name of position] with us at [congregation name]. Thank you for choosing to support the ministry of [Name of Church] by volunteering your skills and time. We look forward to you joining us from the effective Date [Date].

Our ministry is known for it’s a positive and peaceful environment and strives to be fun, innovative, creative and safe. It is solely dependent upon the volunteers and leaders in each congregation to continue to provide all these. You have been appointed to volunteer in the following activities/programs [names of programs/activities].

Upon your joining at the church, your first month will be a settling in period, and after this, a church council delegate will keep a check on you. This allows you to reflect on the role, and it’s suitability to you and the congregation. For more details of your responsibilities, you can contact your supervisor.

Uniting with the love of Christ, we will learn to form a relationship that will enable us to be open to where God wants to lead us. Thank you once again for volunteering for this noble work and for agreeing to take this great opportunity. Congratulations and welcome for being a part of our extended family of [Name of church].

Yours faithfully

(Name of the sender)

Thank you. 

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