Birthday Wish Letter Template

This birthday wishing letter structure goes out for someone who is a colleague and with you have had good professional and personal relationships. You can appreciate his or her qualities and also praise him or her for the kind of contribution he has made to the company.

As an HR person, you find the birthday employee in the organization is a promising person.  You can encourage the person to enjoy with his or her family and friends.

Letter Template: 1


[Name of the recipient],

[Mention Designation and department],


Sub: Wishing You a Happy Birthday

Dear employee,

We are very happy to wish you a very happy birthday from our organization (mention the name of the organization).

We hope you will be happy and peaceful on this special day. We hope your birthday brings many reasons to be happy all the time. We hope this birthday brings you many happy and unforgettable memories.

We pray that this day will be a day that is full of laughter and happiness. We hope that our company will encounter profit under your work. Behalf of the entire company and on behalf of my all employees I (the HR of the company) wish you all the best things in life.

We all thank you for sticking with us and helping in our success with your hard work, skills, and loyalty. We are all happy by getting the help of your experiences and talents. We hope your new days in life will give us the opportunity to see many other successes and progress for our company.

We hope you will enjoy this birthday with your family and friends, which will give you true power to work better.

We are very happy to send you this letter to wish you a very happy birthday on behalf of all the employees of this company. Hope you will accept this letter and will be very pleased to work with us as the previous days.

We are waiting to work with you again.

With best wishes,

Thank you,


    [Name of the sender],

     [Designation of the sender],

    [Organisation name]

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