Real Estate Agent Appointment Letter Template

Writing an appointment letter to the employee as a real estate agent, you must know that this appointment letter is written to those who have been appointed for the role as a real estate agent at your company.

These examples are provided in simple words and have shown how to structure an appointment letter on this topic. You can easily use these formats. No matter if you do not know how to write the letter in your own words.

Template: 1

[Your Name]

[Your Company]

[Your Address]

Subject: Appointment Letter as Real Estate Agent

Dear [ Name of Applicant],

It feels an immense pleasure on behalf of [Name of agency] to announce and welcome you on board as a real estate agent for our agency. Hereafter, you will be working as an agent in our agency, and we look forward to your joining from the effective Date [Date].

Your work as a real estate agent at this moment will comprise handling of the real estate job responsibilities and to help us with the purchase, consultation and analyze real estate for people.

Upon joining, you will undergo a brief training period under our real estate manager,[Name of manager] and after his approval, you may work independently.

The salary would be the same as discussed during the interview. Your office timings have been kept flexible that would be from _____ to ______ as you are expected to provide -_______ hours per week. We hope you will help our organization to reach new heights with your skills and hard work. 

After reviewing your credentials and professionalism, we concluded your vast experience in this field, and we expect you to catch up with our work very soon. We hope you continue your excellent book and give your very best to get customer’s satisfaction.

Looking forward to your joining and to find what future holds for us. 

Yours faithfully

(Name of the sender + Position)

Thank you. 

real estate agent appointment letter

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