Love Letter to My Son: 4 Templates

Letter Template: 1

Love Letter to My Son

My Loving Son,

As I see you growing, I really feel elated and happy from the inside. You have indeed made me proud with your skills and talent. I always remember the day you were born. You were the most precious gift given to me by the Almighty. 

I am thankful to him as you were born to me and I stepped into the stage of motherhood. I know that I am not a perfect mother but I am trying my best to fulfill the responsibilities that I have been entrusted by the Almighty. As I am your mother, I have an important role to play in society. It lies on our shoulders to inculcate the best human values and help in providing the best education. 

It is really amazing to see you as a grown-up person. You have really changed dear. You have become tall and look so mature.  You have now become a thorough gentleman. But still, you are a little one for me. Today, I do not have anyone apart from you. You are the one I am actually looking forward to depending on in the coming years. 

Since you were in the hostel for your higher studies, I just cannot explain the way I was worried for you. I never wanted to send you to the hostel because I thought that you will not be able to manage your studies and health. Your health had always been a big concern for me since your childhood days. 

You had fallen sick most often and your dad and I had frequently visited the doctor for your check-up and treatment. Once you were hospitalized and I thought that I would be losing you. With Lord’s mercy and your dad’s support, you showed improvement and finally you were backing home. My sleepless nights were over then.  

I am thankful to God for getting a wonderful son like you. You will remain close to my heart. I love you the most.

From Your Loving Mother

Letter Template: 2

Love Letter to My Son from Mom

My Darling Son,

The values that were given to me by my mother who is your grandmother, I had tried to give you the same values. Mother has a big role to play in society and it is necessary for the mother to see whether her child is going in the right direction. 

The mother and son bonding that I have with you is what has been planned by God. I am really thankful to God for it. The bond with you had actually developed when you were in my womb. It was then after your birth, all my priorities towards life actually changed. I had given up job because I could not leave you for a single moment. 

I wanted to give you lots of love and raise you in best possible way. You became sole interest of my life. I was actually evolving through you. Nature had put me in to new phase of life and I was enjoying every moment of it. Your first word, your first steps on feet and your innocent gestures had kept me hooked to you for 24 hours. 

I was overwhelmed by seeing all these things. I just remember the first day in your kindergarten school. You had cried so much. You were pulling my gown, dear. You wanted me to stay with you in the class. It also brought tears to my eyes. But again, it was your learning step and I had to console you and encourage you to study and learn. 

Dear, I will go on supporting you for whatever you do. You must take care of your health and always be on right path. I am always there for you.

Forever Yours,

From Your Loving Mother

Letter Template: 3

Love Letter to My Son from Mom

My Dearest Son,

Though I have a younger son who is the younger brother, you are the one who will be always special in heart, dear. It is because you are firstborn child of mine. You are my beloved, child. Both of you are always there in my heart. 

When you were born, you were very timid and you were looking curiously at everyone. But when you were in my lap, you felt that you were in the right place. In the same way, you had responded to your father. He always used to play with you and sing a lullaby to make you sleep. But you always enjoyed playing on my laps.

As you had started growing, you used to follow me everywhere by crawling and then taking your first steps. After some time, you had actually gotten naughty and you had become unmanageable. But I had always enjoyed watching your mischievous activities though it may have offended many people who used to visit our house. But as a mother, I also felt responsible to teach you the right way to behave in the social circle. 

But after your brother was born, you actually changed. You had started taking care of your brother. I really loved it. I felt that I am very lucky and it was an amazing experience to find you being responsible as an elder brother. I did not have make effort to teach you the right things. You were learning on your own. I could not have asked for more from God. And so therefore I love you the most. 

From Your Loving Mother

Letter Template: 4

Love Letter to My Son from Mom

My Dear Son,

I had always prayed for a son in my life and when you were born,   saw your tiny hands and I heard your cry, tears came into my eyes and I thanked God as God had actually answered my prayers. 

You had filled our house with happiness. Everyone came to see your beautiful face and bless you. Your dad brought all the best toys for you. Now that so many years have passed but it seems that it has happened just yesterday when you arrived in to this world. I just could not control cuddling you as you were becoming chubby day by day. With your cute looks and lovely gesture, you had actually made me crazy in love with you. 

There was happiness and laughter all around the house by listening to the words you spoke. I loved them and always wanted you to repeat those words. I cannot forget the day when you had just started walking and then fell down. You were ten months old. 

As you had started growing up, you became the naughtiest kid in the town. But you were the one who taught me the meaning of what love and responsibility is. 

I had actually realized my worth after you were born in the world. You have indeed made me stronger. No matter how much older you get, you will remain same little angel for me. I love you. Do not let worries rule your mind. I will always there for you and bless you. 

God is there to protect you!

From Your Loving


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