Part Time Job Appointment Letter Template

[Your name]

[Your company]


[Your address]

Subject: Appointment letter for part time job

Dear [candidate name]

Greetings from HR department.

This letter is to inform you that you have been selected for [role] as part-time in our [company name]. We are happy and thrilled to have you onboard and look forward to joining us from the effective date [date].

Your salary will be based on hours of work you will provide. But we expect at least ______ hours per week from you as your payroll will be based on the company’s standard payroll. You will be required to report [person name] at [location]. You will have a training period of ______days after that you will be joining us for your part-time work. It’s your hard work, dedication and skills which have lent you here. The skills which you will gain during this period will help you in future.

Your position [role name] is subjected to the company’s policy, including all future revisions if any. We don’t have any dress code so feel free to dress in your best but decent attire.

As a part-time employee, you are still as crucial as a full-time employee. We expect you will be honest with your work and will maintain the momentum required. We are looking forward to finding what the future holds for us. On the date of joining, don’t forget to carry your essential documents.

If you have any query related to payment mode or your position, please feel free to reach [HR department contact information].

Yours faithfully

HR department

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