Mortgage Loan Officer Appointment Letter Template

The bank you work at is hiring a new Mortgage Loan Officer. For this, the recruitment team has meticulously interviewed multiple candidates. The Head of Recruitment has been able to select the perfect candidate who he finds suitable for the said post.

As per procedure, it is your job, as the HR Manager, to write a letter of appointment to the selected candidate. To do so you should always use a formal tone of voice. You should mention the job responsibilities and pay package offered to the candidate.

Letter Template: 1

[Mention your name]

[Mention your Company]

[Mention the Date]

[Your address]

Subject: Appointment letter for Mortgage Loan Officer

Dear [mention the candidate name],

We are happy to inform you that you have been appointed as a Mortgage Loan Officer at our company (mention the company). We were impressed with the kind of experiences you have and really cannot ignore your resume and the way you passed your interview. 

Your joining date will be from (mention the joining date) and your responsibilities here will be to meet the applicant for loan application and process, explain different kinds of loans to the customers, update the credit files, review all loan files and agreements, supervise all the personal loans, set the credit policies and many more.

For detailed information you can read the booklet specially designed for the loan officer, here everything is mentioned in detail. It is attached herewith to this letter.

If you still have any queries you can contact us at (mention the number) or send an email at (mention the email id). We will be happy to guide you.

Talking about your salary it will be (mention the salary) as discussed with the HR in your final interview. Also, bring all the documents filed and signed on the date mentioned above.

Once again we congratulate you and look forward to working with you soon


(Mention name of the Officer)

(Mention your designation in the Company)


mortgage loan offer  appointment letter

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