A Speech on Discipline

Good morning and a very warm welcome to one and all present here. I consider it my extreme pleasure in being able to address this gathering here today and share my insights on the importance of discipline. Before speaking about the importance of discipline, it is important to understand what discipline is. Discipline is a set of rules and regulations that we cultivate through the course of our life and these rules and routine that we set for ourselves will eventually become a part of our life and conforming to this routine will eventually make it a part of the course of our normal life. When you talk to someone successful and you realise that what made them successful is the fact that they are well organised and they had a clear vision on what they want to do and their perseverance is what made them reach where they are right now and this dedication and perseverance comes from being disciplined and having a path in life at where they want to go. Discipline is very essential for an individual to have a purpose in life, if you don’t have anything to look forward to you most probably wouldn’t be having an order to your life. Disciplining yourself is the training that you give yourself that helps you get through life and makes you function efficiently. Training and discipline is important in shaping the life and lifestyle of an individual and it is essential that an adult in a position of power has a certain sense of discipline. One of the first lessons that we learned as kids is how to get up on time and begin our day in an order and I believe that it is our first step towards having some discipline and order in our life. Also, the most common thing that all of us have would have heard is how a student should be disciplined and how schools take strict actions against indiscipline. The first place an individual learns discipline is one’s own home and the second place one develops the sense of order and the sense of being able to distinguish between right and wrong is schools. In schools the students are taught how to work in a very disciplined manner and are made to follow a time table which again brings order into the lives of these students. For the majority of people, discipline is having an order to their life and gives them a sense of direction whereas to another group of people discipline acts as a hindrance in their freedom and stops them from living their lives according to their will and wishes. But what they don’t realise is if the fact that having  discipline removed from their lives, their lives will become so chaotica and dull as they wouldn’t have a control over their dreams and aspirations and it is important for one to have the right judgement on what they want to do with their life.

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