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A Sad Love Letter For Sister

A brother and a sister share more relationships than named. At times they are best friends, guardians, and at times become lovers. Expressing feelings through love letters can preserve the surface for life long.  

A Sad Love Letter For Sister

Dear “the name of your sister”,

Blessed are those who have a sister in their life. Lucky are those who have sisters like you. I am the most unexpected. You have been a guardian to guide me, a mother to take care of me, and a sister always. Whenever I am busy with some work, you will secretly keep an eye on me to check if I have had my food or not. I have to know about them all, sweetheart.

I ultimately know how you love me; you don’t need to express them or make me believe them. You are the sweetest gem in my life. Thanks for the existing.

When it is time, the girl child of the family gets married elsewhere. This has been laid down by nature. I have never liked it for when it comes to you; it really shatters me to realize that you will be leaving home one day. But I have learned over time that distance never is a barrier to any real bond. No doubt on it that wherever you would be, you will always rule our hearts.

You are our family; you are the sugar to our tea; you are the icing on our cake. The sacrifices you effortlessly undertake for us cannot even dare to accumulate our guts over it. Such strong you are. I repeat you are our pride.


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