A Speech on “Should Parents Let Their Children Play Tackle Football?

Good (—) to one and all present here. My name is (—) and I am here today to address whether or not parents should let their children play tackle football. Football is mainly seen in American and Canadian football players.

The player physically interferes with the forward progress of a player who possesses the ball and makes the forward progress says or causes him to touch some part of his body other than his feet or hands on the ground or forces him to go out of the bounds. In such a case the ball becomes dead the player ceases until the next play.

In Australian football tackle is similar to rugby and involves wrapping, holding a wrestling player who possesses the ball and forces them to the ground. The players who do not process the ball are not allowed to be tackled and it will receive a free kick if tackled.

Football helps children to gain confidence and a sense of responsibility at a very early age and also boosts their competitiveness when they take up football. If they are good at it they can make a living with it and become successful in the future.

Many kids love football There are several reasons why parents should not let their children play tackle football. One of the main reasons is that it brings a lot of injuries along with the game. There have been various players who have had serious health complications due to football which include concussions, bone injuries, ligament tears, mental problems, and identity issues.

Football can not only get you in physical issues but also mental issues. Some famous players suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy. With this sport, children may receive too many blows on the head and the position requires constant head hitting.

There have been various researches that prove that tackle football is bad for the brain. Today there are various protective gears and helmets which have good padding to absorb Harsh blows. Since then confessions and injuries have reduced significantly which is also because of few roles that have changed over time. Still, there is room for injuries and also affect the state of mind of a person which in turn may also affect performance in the classroom and as a social being.

It has been observed that students who play tackle football have had problems in the classroom of getting things easily and having constant headaches that affect their performance and grades. Many people have also become antisocial and act differently with their friends and family. It may also negatively affect their moods.

 There are positive aspects to playing football and if some rules change and more preventive measures are taken football can be a great sport which may have a great impact on a child’s life and their future. Parents can let their children play football if their safety measures are taken care of and by saying to it that they are not engaging in aggressive and violent methods. Thank you for your patience.

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