A Speech on “How to Overcome Exam Fever?”

Hearty welcome to each and everyone one present here. Today we have come together to talk through How to overcome Exam Fever? This is a much required discussion as for \current generation  students who are always on the constant run to keep up the pace to match the society.Exams are always a scary word for most of the students, it is that stage of life one is at higher level of stress especially when there is an important exam coming up.However with a little bit of dedication and self confidence one can beat Exam fever and prosper.

A little bit of tension always helps to be prepared and helps in improving the performance. But it becomes a problem when it is beyond the normal level of control, it can stand as an hindrance to how a student performs. To overcome this,it is important to set a target and prepare a time table ,make sure to follow it regularly.Follow a healthy sleep time  by getting a minimum sleep of seven to eight hours. Irregular sleep cycles can tire out the body and bring down concentration. With a proper sleep pattern and eating healthy food ,one will be able to manage time and concentrate well. 

Not forgetting ,parents play a very important role to help their child to overcome fear. They should talk to their child often and motivate them , by telling them it’s okay even if they don’t succeed but what matters here is the amount of effort they have put in it to reach their goal. This can help a child who is going to face an exam as motivation to do better and helps  to stress less and concentrate more on the work to be done. It can help to boost up self confidence and give energy to perform better in their exams.  

In between the strenuous preparation, it is a good practise to take short breaks, like a walk for 15 minutes or have a chat with someone. It will help to relax and give a mental peace. Never pile up work for the next day or next hour, procrastination always comes with a price to pay! Finishing  the work allocated for the hour as per the time table prepared can be very helpful in managing time.Dedication is the key here, dedicate your time and ensure to finish all the topics before the exam.It is a good habit to revise before an exam rather than reading something entirely new.There is also a great saying: Practice makes a man perfect, yes indeed the more practice the better are the results, whenever possible taking up mock test will help in knowing the understanding level on the topic. Remember! not to compare with fellow students, as each one is unique and has own capability and talent. 

This brings us to the end of the presentation, I would like to summarize by saying that right approach and proper time management can help a student to overcome fear for exam and be successful 

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