Makeup Artist Appointment Letter Template

An appointment letter is a very important document. And writing them is a very tough part of the onboarding process of an employee.  It should be short and at the same time, it should be elaborate with the rules and regulations for the employee.

It is a daunting task to write an appointment letter covering all the aspects of the job role and the regulations. Following is a sample appointment letter for the role of a Makeup Artist to help you with.

Letter Template: 1


[Mention Candidate’s name], 

[Mention the address], 

[Mention the contact Details]

Sub: An Appointment Letter for The Role of Makeup Artist

Dear [Mention the name of the Recipient],

The management team at [name of the organization] gives you employment as a Makeup Artist.

You need to start your duties from [Mention the joining details]. The office primarily starts from [mention the working hours of the company]. Your salary as Makeup Artist will be [Mention the salary details]. 

Your job role as Makeup Artist will include:

  • Enhancing the facial aesthetics through makeup; 
  • Consulting with the clients and creating a custom look based on their requirements;
  • Removing makeup after shooting on film sets; 
  • Working with the cast on the film sets; 
  • Keeping lighting and setting into account while applying makeup; 
  • Determining which colors and materials are most suitable; 
  • Designing the FX prosthetics according to the special effects requirements; 
  • Working with the costume designers, stylists, and set designers for ensuring consistency; 
  • Having a great knowledge of different designs and color palettes; 
  • Staying updated on the latest trends in the industry; 
  • Using fashion magazines as reference points; 
  • Understanding  the requirements of what a film director wants the character to look like; 
  • Having a diverse sense of cosmetic toolkit; 
  • Consulting clients and suggesting their skincare routines.

You shall take care of all the devices provided by the company.

We hope to have a good association with you.

Yours Sincerely,

[Mention the sender’s name]

[Mention the Designation],  

[Mention the Date]

makeup artist appointment letter

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