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35+ Lovely Good Night Messages For Partner

A sweet and romantic good night text message helps you to communicate your thoughts to your loved one especially if he/she is staying in a city that is far away from you. It is the easiest way of bringing a smile to your partner’s face before he/she goes off to sleep.

It feels so good to finish off the day by sending a romantic quote to your partner. You can send these messages via email, SMS or social media sites.

Here are lovely good night text messages for your partner.

  • Don’t worry, even if you feel tired after working the whole day and you don’t look your 100 percent, I will be there to love you 1000 percent. Good night dear.
  • Yes, I am not there with you physically, but you will always remain in my thoughts. Good night and sweet dreams my love.
  • This is the last night you will sleep hugging your teddy bear. From tomorrow I will be there with you. Good night and sweet dreams.
  • I feel like seeing you every night, your beautiful face and your lovely smile. I just want to keep on admiring you. Right now, I can only convey my thought to you through this text message. Good night and sleep tight.
  • I feel so lucky to wish goodnight to the prettiest girl in this world. Love you loads. Good night dear.
  • I hope that this message will bring smile to the face of the sweet girl whom I love so much. Good night my hero.
  • It is possible for human beings to live without water and sleep for a few days, but it is impossible for me to live without you even for a day. Good night cutie.
  • Yes, I admit that I am not the romantic person who can write beautiful words for you, but I wish you the sweetest of dreams from the bottom of my heart. I care so much for you.
  • The night feels so empty without our conversations. I eagerly wait to meet you in the morning. Good night.

-I hope to come in your dreams every night, to hug and cuddle you in those dreams. Good night love.

-Sending you tight hugs and lot of kisses. Good night cutie pie.

-I keep on thinking of you all throughout the day even if I am having a hectic schedule. Now it’s time to imagine you sleeping in my arms the whole night. Good night and sweet dreams.

-Before you go to sleep close your eyes and imagine a garden where beautiful flowers are blooming, and their fragrance have filled the air, that is the place where I wait for you every night. Good night dear.

-Sorry for being late, you are already in your sleep, but I will surely come in your dreams. Good night baby.

-As you sleep on your bed watching romantic dreams, I will be there to guard your peaceful slumber. Good night love.

-I can travel a thousand miles just to kiss you gently and wish you sweet dreams.

-Your bedroom has been lit up by the moonlight, wish I could hold you tight in my arms all throughout the night.

-Everything in life is temporary, the day, the night but my love for you is permanent. Good night beautiful.

-I wish you all the best for your exams tomorrow. Don’t worry everything will be fine. Sleep tight before I wake you up tomorrow morning. Good night.

-Night is the time when a person feels lonely sometimes, I thank you for being by side and letting me enjoy my life to the fullest. Good night and sweet dreams.

-Time comes to a still for me when you go to sleep and I wait for the morning to see your bright smile and time starts ticking again.

-I feel so happy to think of a person whom I love before going to sleep. You make my life so meaningful. Good night and sweet dreams darling.

-I pray to the Almighty Lord every night to offer you a happy and bright sleep. I thank Him for sending you in my life. Good night.

-Whenever I close my eyes, I see your beautiful face. It seems that you are like the world to me. Good night.

-The stars seem to look so pretty in the night sky, but they are nothing in comparison to your lovely eyes. I seem to get lost whenever I look into those eyes.

-I wish one day my dream comes true and I open my eyes every morning to see your beautiful face. Good night dear.

-You are the last thing that comes into my mind before I fall asleep and also the first thing when I wake up. Good night.

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