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A Love Letter For Sister Who Has Cancer

Cancer is the worst thing that can happen to someone, and when it’s your own sister, it is even more stringent. You feel lost, and you don’t know how to support her.  

A Love Letter For Sister Who Has Cancer

Dear sister,

I was shocked to hear about your illness. It was unexpected news to know you are diagnosed with cancer.

I am very sorry for not being with you at this time. It needs a lot of courage to accept the truth. I am sure you are strong enough to handle this carefully. I will apply for the leaves and stay there with you for some time. We can have a good time and remember our childhood days. Don’t worry about them. I’ll be there for them, and get them along with me while coming to meet you.

Try to concentrate on the work that you love to do. This could turn your attention away from the situation and help you overcome from this jerk. You enjoy listening to music and painting; why don’t you start some painting classes for kids. Time flies too fast, managing children, and you would love this work. If I had sensed anything wrong, I would have nagged you to get your general check-up done; and brought you back to Mumbai with me.

I still can’t digest the fact. I understand how difficult it is for you. But please don’t worry, you are not alone, your parents are here for you; I am there to help you at any and every step of life.

You were and will always be in my prayers. Get well soon, sis.

With regards,

Your Brother

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