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A Love Letter For Sister When She Graduated

In today’s techno-fast world, hardly anyone expects love letters, but they could practically be the best surprise to someone. The warmth which these unexpected love letter can carry can scarcely be matched up against any other way. It also lays down the far-stretched freedom to express everything in one’s heart in the best he wants to.

A Love Letter For Sister When She Graduated

Dear “Name of your sister” 

Heartiest congratulations to you, girl. You have made us even more proud now. Mom and dad are thrilled and proud of their little child. She is doing fantastic. You added another reason for our parents to hold their heads high. You have rewarded with some extra sweetness. It feels satisfying and contending when we see the kid of our family living the dream and bringing them come true. 

There was a time when all of us, so to say relatives used to sarcastically talk to us as if they know about us more than us. I remember you used to stumble because their words affect you, and we all knew your potentials. We didn’t need to look after you much; you did all by yourself, and today you have pitched all of our noses high and, at the same time, shut every one of those negative people’s mouth without even speaking a word to them. That’s your power. Now, celebrate your success.

A grand feast is waiting for you at home, come soon. Once you are done with the celebration, recollect yourself and tighten your belt for the next mission. This is not the end. Don’t put boundaries yourself; you have a lot of potentials; exercise them in the right way.


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