A Love Letter For Boyfriend Asking For Live-in

Friendship is not just a relation; it’s an emotion. This emotion becomes deeper when your company turns into a relationship, a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. A real relationship is two body connection, sharing one soul with an unbreakable bond.

Love letter for Boyfriend asking for Live-in

Dear XXX,

Today is a great day of my life. This was the day when my crime partner decided to be my spouse. It was a great time with you. Throughout all the turns our life took, we were together. The memories we shed, the moments we shared, the time gone in your arms was mesmerizing. It is an endless reminisces. 

Without you, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. You inspire me to be more loving, kind, and patient like you. My love, you are the person with a face of care, respect, love, and possession over me, which every girl dreams of having.

This journey is nostalgic for me. From the day when we met for the first time to this day, I can feel every moment we spend together and our bond becoming more muscular. Words can’t express my love for you, and I would never let this beautiful journey end. 

I know this may feel a bit awkward to you, but I found this the best way to express my feelings. Being with you has always been excellent, and now I want to live with you. Your presence makes me feel comfortable and safe. It’s like having a mentor, friend, and family together within you. The spaces we would share will bring us closer to care and a deeper understanding.

Your truly

(your name)

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