A Love Letter Template For Being The Knight Of My Shining Armour

love letter A Love Letter Template For Being The Knight Of My Shining Armour

A Love Letter Template For Being The Knight Of My Shining Armour

The caring, sharing, and love between a couple is something, that is totally intangible. It’s all about the pure love and soul which is attached toward each other. The protective nature of a boy or a girl toward their loved ones might look too possessive in society but that guy or girl knows how much she or he loves their partner.

We know it sounds too much tacky in this generation. But the love between a couple for each other which will always alive and memorable for them and they don’t care about what society thinks about them.

A Love Letter For Being The Knight Of My Shining Armour

Dear “name of your loved ones.”

I saw you at the roadside in the evening between 5 pm to 6 pm. Some street dogs surrounded you, and the way you are feeding them and the gesture you were caring for everyone. After two days, I again saw you doing the same thing, and I again fell for you. But this time I couldn’t hold my nerves to talk with you. So, I approach you for the first time. You were humble and seemed caring too. In this way, we started our journey of friendship.

Now meeting you daily gives me a sign that we can continue our friendship for long. Now its almost eight months and we are comfortable with each other. From my side, it seems that I am gradually falling for you, and I know that you also like me. 

Now I want to continue our friendship to another level. So, I am writing this small letter to you. The way you show your love, sharing, and caring toward your cutie street dogs. I hope you will also get that beautiful gesture from your side or even more. I want to thank you being for being the knight of my shining armour. And until you’re there with me, I’m sure thing armour will never break.


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