A Letter to wish 25th Marriage Anniversary to Father

Dear Dad,

Today is the special day and I would like to congratulate you on your 25th marriage anniversary. So you have completed two and half decades with each other. I hope you might be feeling so great on this day. Before 25 years on this day, you held mom’s hand forever to walk together in the journey of life. Since that day, you have supported mom in joys and sorrows. I wish I get a loving partner like you in future who will understand me the way you do for mom. You are the best dad, and when it’s your special day. I want to make it memorable and worth remembering  with lots of love.

Thank you for teaching me the meaning of love, togetherness and support. You both are a role model how an ideal couple should be. I still remember those small fights between you and mom just to compete with each other on who loves more than the other person. Your perseverance and tolerance for each other’s habits has always taught us the act of understanding. The way you handle every situation whether good or bad amazes me always.

You have raised us so well to lead a perfect personal and professional life. I just can’t wait to come home to celebrate this achievement of yours in a grand way. I am missing you both so much. Many congratulations on this special day my super hero.

I love you Dad!

Yours lovingly

(Your name)

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