A Letter to Wish Happy Marriage Anniversary to Husband

Anniversary is the time to bring back the memories of the day when you tied the knot officially to begin the journey of life together. This day truly brings back the blessed feelings and the opportunity to feel grateful to have such a husband in life whose presence has made your life complete.

A Letter to Wish Happy Marriage Anniversary to Husband

Dearest (name of your husband),

I am taking the opportunity of the mighty power of words to let you know how much blessed I am to have you in my life. Since that blessed day of our marriage, I have spent every day of my life with you and I must admit that each day brought me greater happiness than the previous one. 

I am blessed to have you as my life partner as without you my life would have been incomplete. People say that marriages are arranged in heaven and I truly believe that they are right. It is absolutely the credit of our stars that brought us together. We always share the best balance of relationship and we do fight a lot on silly things, but at the end of the day all matters in our lives is the love we share.

In this auspicious day of our marriage anniversary I am proud to tell you that I am the luckiest person to have such a wonderful and passionate life partner. I will look forward to the future with the confidence to celebrate several jubilees of our marriage anniversary and let the entire world know how lucky I am. 

I will always stand by you and love you in the way I do every single day. May our stars always shine brightly upon us and bless us with happier days ahead.

Yours loving

(Your name)

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