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Letter to wish 25th marriage anniversary to aunt : 4 Templates

Dear Aunt,

This is a special moment where you have successfully achieved your love and happiness for 25 years. May God’s grace be with you until your last breath. Happy 25th marriage anniversary.

The way you share love and happiness with each other is extraordinary, always living together like this. You make such an amazing couple.  The way you lead a relationship is amazing. Indeed you are amazing. As I look back on the past, your love is constantly growing over time. These are the true blessings of God to you. Greetings to aunt, the love between you will be innumerable forever. 

This is a special moment for you. You are my ideal couple. God sends me a precious gift in the form of uncle and aunt. I am proud to be your family. This family is everyone else’s dream. You are amazing with your love and sincerity. I hope your future love continues to grow. From the first anniversary to this anniversary, I remember your couple being great, and you still enjoy each other and support each other when needed. 

I believe there is more love within than the air in the universe. You are an inspiring personality to me and others. 

The way you lead everyone in all areas of life is extraordinary. It takes some time to fall in love with someone, but it takes real time to fulfil this commitment. If I want to see the best example, it will always take me to your side. Take Love.

Yours Lovingly,

[Sender name]

A Letter to wish 25th marriage anniversary to aunt.

Dear Aunt,

How are you? Everything is fine by my end and I hope that the same goes for you. Here I am wishing you a happy 25th marriage anniversary to my Wonderful Aunt. You’ve always been an important person in my life, not only as part of my family but also as my friend. I am very happy that you and uncle have come this far and wish this will continue for a lifetime. 

My mom and dad were too determined towards their work; as a result, I have not received such affection from my parents since childhood. I only had you and uncle near me in difficult times. From my school life to my college life it was you two who had inspired me to go beyond the limits. I can’t imagine what would have happened to me if you two hadn’t helped me growing up.

Just like a mother does all the caring for her child, you did the same thing to me. You never let me miss my parents. Although we are far away from each other our true love and bond will never cease to exist.

Hope we will meet soon. Till then, stay take care and congrats once again.

 Yours Lovingly,

[Sender name]

A Letter To Wish 25th Marriage Anniversary To Aunt.

Dear Aunt,

I wish you a very happy 25th marriage anniversary! It has been a magical journey of twenty five years! I always knew that you two had something very special. So many years have passed in an instant. The bond between you and uncle will keep us inspired throughout our lifetime. May god sprinkle his superior grace upon this beautiful couple.

Standing in this extreme situation where people’s lives are constantly in crisis, you must have thought that we have forgotten your special day. We had many plans for your grand silver jubilee celebration. Believe me, we thought we would celebrate these cheerful moments with our beloved family and friends. But in today’s context it has become impossible.

So we had no choice but to wish you by writing a letter and I want you to forget all this adverse effects from your life, and always stay happy and safe. Can’t wait to see you two together again.

God bless you and your family. All the very best for your life ahead. Take love from me and my family.

Thanking you.

Yours truly, 

( Your Name)

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