Letters During a Hard Time in Relationships – 8 Sample Formats

A relationship is a very delicate string and to keep it going you must put in regular efforts. If you think your relationship is going through a tough phase, you must communicate with each other as it makes things easier for both of us.

Relationships need time, effort, and patience and if there is a bad patch you must start working on it. A letter solves a lot of things and it might also ignite the fire between you two.

Letter Template: 1

Letters During a Hard Time in Relationships

Hello dear,

Dear Sweetheart. I realize that I planned something to upset you, and for that, I am unbelievably grieved. What I did was hurtful and wrong, and I didn’t intend to hurt you. I need you to realize that I recognize that what I did wasn’t right, and thus, I will take the necessary steps for you to excuse me once more.

You realize the amount I love you, and that I could never enthusiastically successfully hurt you. It’s only that there are times when I don’t think and I get things done without much forethought.

In any case, don’t believe this is me attempting to rationalize what I did. I really am heartbroken, and I trust you discover it in your heart to excuse me. 


letters during hard time in relationships

Letter Template: 2

Letters During a Hard Time in Relationships

Hello sweetheart

My Dear. I am composing this letter to you since we both realize we’re going through a difficult time in our relationship. I’m not one to point fingers here, however, we both realize that we are both to fault for what occurred.

As far as it concerns me, I am upset for inducing you to do what you did. Yet, I trust you recognize that what you did wasn’t right either. In a relationship, we ought to have the option to put our adoration for one another over our pride.

Also, for this situation, while you may in any case be harmed (as am I), I need us to set our disparities aside with the goal that we can proceed onward from this.

Our relationship is worth more than this flashing failure to comprehend the issues at hand, and I trust we can utilize this experience to make our relationship more grounded. 

Take care

letters during hard time in relationships

Letter Template: 3

Hello love,

To my adoration. Before long we will be living separately, and I need you to realize the amount it harms me that we won’t have the option to see each other as regularly as we do now. In any case, I need you to consistently recall this is to our benefit.

We move away so we can grasp new open doors that can present to us a superior future. Meanwhile, we should utilize all the innovation we can to consistently keep in contact. I’ll generally cancel you when I’m at work/school, and I trust you additionally do likewise.

Things may feel a little unique now that we’re not together, yet I promise this is all brief. Before we know it, a year has passed and we’ll have returned to our equivalent everyday practice with new stories and encounters to share. Remember that regardless of our distance, I will consistently adore you. 

With love,

letters during hard time in relationships

Letter Template: 4

With love,

They state that on the off chance that you need a relationship that feels like the most astonishing thing on the planet, you need to treat it like the most astounding thing on the planet. However, in this situation, I realize that it doesn’t feel so incredible.

Angel, to be genuine, I detest it when we battle. I despise the inclination that you’re frantic at me and I consequently, can’t resist the urge to be harmed about this entire circumstance. Angel, you are my whole world.

I can’t stand to think about existence without you in it. Regardless of whether we’re battling at this moment, I need you to realize that I love you and that you’re a really amazing thing that at any point transpired. I love you, and I need us to get past this. 

Take care baby

letters during hard time in relationships

Letter Template: 5

My dearest,

A lovely relationship doesn’t rely upon how well we get somebody. It relies upon how well we abstain from misunderstanding. We’re both only new to this, I know, and misunderstandings might be normal.

Yet, I trust that each time we get into contention on account of a misunderstanding, we utilize the experience to never let it happen again. I’m heartbroken that I didn’t comprehend what you implied, and I’m grieved that sometimes I don’t impart what I need.

Our relationship is worth more than our misunderstandings. In any case, there’s one thing that is completely clear to me and it’s the amount I love you – never misunderstand that. 

With lots of love

letters during hard time in relationships

Letter Template: 6

Dear “Full name”

Darling, I need to think of you in this letter since I can detect how envious you sometimes are of my companions. Let me take this second to tell you that none remember them in contrast to you.

I’m not pulled into any of them, and if any of them are pulled into me, I couldn’t care less. I just need you and only you, and there’s no explanation behind you to be desirous of any other person. I love you regardless of anything else. I need you to recollect that. 

With lots of love

letters during hard time in relationships

Letter Template: 7

Hello love,

My affection. When our relationship is being tried by things outside our ability to control, I need you to recollect only a certain something: I love you.

They state that affection isn’t the response to everything, and I concur with that. Be that as it may, while love probably won’t be the sole thing keeping our relationship solid, it’s what keeps us battling through all the hindrances we face. Angel, I love you, and this adoration is more grounded than anything life tosses at us. 


letters during hard time in relationships

Letter Template: 8

Heya dear,

We both realize that the maxim, “I need space” is never very pleasant news. In any case, for us, I figure it may be a decent transitory answer for our issues. Our relationship is a long way from great, however, that is not from an absence of endeavoring.

Notwithstanding, I figure it would be beneficial for us to invest some energy separated. This is in no way, shape, or form a separation, yet rather an approach to increase some breathing room from all the bedlam we’ve experienced these previous scarcely any months.

How about we set aside this effort to miss one another and acknowledge the amount we need one another. What’s more, despite the fact that we’re separated, the adoration we have for one another will never show signs of change. 

With love

letters during hard time in relationships

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