Letter to wish 50th marriage anniversary to cousin- Sample Template

Dear [name],

Gold symbolizes this anniversary because it is as precious, bright and pure as the love you have shared for 50 years. Congratulations on reaching this monumental milestone.

Fifty years is a wonderful milestone, and you both deserve the joy of every moment your marriage brings. Thank you for inspiring all married people. Fifty years ago on your wedding day you made a vow of devotion to each other and we promised to take care of each other faithfully. 

Fifty years of holding hands, kissing on the same lips, sharing the same hearts with each other is a boon to the family you have built together. Thank you for your loyalty. You have spent 50 years on this wedding journey. You persevered despite the twists and turns, the rocks and the dark times. Love continues to be your greatest gift.

God strengthens and nourishes you every day. In the fifty golden years, you learned to manage good time and minimize bad time. The love you share is the amazing triumph of eternal love. Let it always be so. 50 years later, I hope you are still a love bird and your love nest will be filled with joy in the years to come. Fifty years ago, she was your wife for the rest of your life, and you were her devoted partner. The two of you are still a very beautiful couple. For a couple who have seemed fifty years of marriage effortless. Congratulations on all the hard work behind the scenes.

Yours Lovingly,

[Sender name]

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