Letter to Parents: 4 Templates and Emails

Template: 1

Letter to Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

As I am writing this letter to both of you, I am unable to find words to express my gratitude for bringing me to this world on [mention your birthday] [mention years] years back.  I think that I have the best parents in this world. It is because you have given me the happiness I craved for. Both of you have not left any stone unturned to fulfill my needs and dreams.

During my childhood days, I used to be fascinated by different toys and colorful storybooks. You never failed in bringing them to me. I regret that I may have given you hard time and run out of money for buying some expensive toys.

I regret those moments and trouble I had given to you. I apologize for all those stupid and insensitive acts of mine. But actually, you never showed your anger nor made any complaint. Just as God is great, both of you are also great. I am thankful for the birthday parties that both of you had organized along with my grandparents and made me special for the day.

I am also thankful for staying awake with me throughout the night and helping me out with my exam preparations. Had not been for your support and encouragement, I would not have recognized my talent to earn scholarships to study further. 

For me, both of you are the biggest treasures of my life and I am ready to do anything for you. 

I cannot ask for anything more than blessings from both of you. I promise to take care of you throughout life. 


Your Loving Son,

[mention your name]

letter to parents

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Template: 2

Letter to Parents Telling how Important They Are in My Life

Dear Mom and Dad,

I must tell the truth that both of you are nothing less than a god to me. It is because of you, I am in this world and I really owe to you. It will be indeed difficult for me to repay whatever you have done for me.  I think that even if I spent millions or even billions of dollars for the things you have done for me then also I would not be able to pay back. 

I really owe to you for bringing me to this world and helping me to become what I am today. I remember the time when both of you were running short of money, yet you were making efforts to keep me happy and normal by letting me study in the best school, wear best dresses and play with the best toys that any child of my age at any point of time would envy for.

You are the one who also helps me to do self-help at home without depending on anyone. With your support and guidance, I learned to cook my favorite dish and also wash my clothes. I am lucky that I have been pampered with the best things and also got the opportunity to learn cooking and cleaning at home.

This has indeed helped me and that is why I am not facing trouble by staying on my own in the hostel for my higher studies. I am thankful for the efforts that you made for me to study engineering in the best college. You have indeed taught me how hard work and diligence actually pay off. 

I am really thankful for all these things. I will try my best to keep you in comfort and happiness.

Bless me!

Yours loving Son,

[ mention your name]

letter to parents telling how important they are in my life

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Template: 3

Letter to Parents Tell Them how Much I Love Them

Dearest Mom and Dad,

Even though I am staying far from you, I am missing both of you every moment. It really gives me pleasure to think about when I was a kid and I used to cry for the toys and watch my favorite cartoon shows. I just saw how he gave up watching his baseball tournament at that point in time. Every time, it was the same thing that happened whenever I had to watch my favorite cartoon show.

It was really fun growing up from the level of a kid up to the age of puberty. I will never forget those days as a kid when you had taken me to Disneyland. It was a great experience for me. At that point in time, I just felt that I was in a fantasy land. I was thinking of all the unreal characters as the real ones.

I just remember those rides in the water and also in the air. I am thankful for all those precious moments. I do not know how I will be able to repay for whatever you have done for me.  Both of you have actually inculcated the right thoughts and right values in me. As I am away from you, I am missing my favorite dishes cooked by my mother. In fact, I love those cookies and muffins baked by her.

I would like to eat those favorite things when I would come for my next vacation. And I would also watch baseball matches on the television along with my Dad. 

I may have several friends in the college, They are all temporary.  It is my mom and dad, that is both of you are best friends me. You have always guided me and saved me from every danger and difficulty. I always love you for every good thing and blessing that you have showered on me.

From Your Loving Son,

[mention your son’s name] 

letter to parents tell them how much i love them

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Template: 4

Letter to Parents Thanking for Their Support

Dearest Mom and Dad,

I am writing this letter to tell you that since both of you have brought me to this world and raised me by giving me all the best things in life, I am really grateful to both of you for everything. Both of you are the greatest treasures of my life. I would not be able to forget the years when I was growing up and you helped me to recognize the letters of the alphabet.

You had developed my interest not only to study the alphabet and numerical even before I had actually started my kindergarten classes but also helped me to do sketches by taking inspiration from nature.

You had taken me to natural surroundings often and made me realize how nature plays the role of a teacher in everyone’s life. It is because of your counseling and support; I realized my potential as an artist and started taking drawing very seriously. Your constant inspiration had actually helped me to win several contests from a very early age. I am thankful for the support that you had given to me for completing my education at the high school level and pursuing higher studies in architecture.

You inspired me to get a scholarship and study architecture at the best college in the US. I am really contented with whatever I have got from both of you. You have given me love, care, emotional support, and protection when I needed it and even at the time when I was away in my hostel for my higher studies. I am thankful for the cookies and muffins that my mother made at home and brought for me during my stay in the hostel. 

It is with your blessings now, that I am working in a reputed company as an architect and going to get settled with the girl of my dreams that you had actually chosen for me. 

I am thankful for everything.

From Your Loving Son,

{ mention your son’s name]

letter to parents thanking for their support

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