Letter to Friend: 4 Samples and Templates

Template: 1

Letter to Friend

Dear [mention the name of your friend],

It’s been a long time mate! How’s life? How everything is going? Do you even remember me? It’s your childhood friend, [mention some nickname]. We used to be in the same school, playing pranks, chilling and hanging together, getting on everyone’s nerves, remember? 

Finishing studies here, after you went to [mention the name of the place], even though I made other friends, there was still no one like you man! Discussing girls, having a beer, talking about my dysfunctional family issues, you were more like a brother from another mother. You used to understand me in a way that none of my other friends ever did. You had all the solutions to my problems. I used to know that you will have my back, whenever I am in trouble.

Man! I miss those days and I seriously miss you! I know you are wondering why I didn’t contact you after our school life but I have been so caught up in my own life, taking care of some urgent business. You will be glad to know that I am in a steady relationship now, unlike how I used to be back in my school days, chasing hot bodies (laughs). Remember the time when [mention a funny incident]. It was hilarious and you had to take matters into your own hands ultimately. 

Thinking of those days, walking down memory lane, I was thinking, let’s catch up someday. Let me know when you will be able to meet. We have loads to talk about bro and I can’t wait to see you again!

Regards, [mention your name]

letter to friend

Template: 2

Informal Letter to A Friend

Dear [mention the name of your friend],

I can’t believe you forgot me! I mean, come on man! It’s been [mention the time period]; there are no texts, no calls from your end. Seeing your profile on [mention a social networking platform], it looks like you have turned into a huge business tycoon, giving pictures of your outings, achievements, and a great life, and yet you forgot me? Like seriously dude?

We know each other from the time when we were in diapers, we used to share all our secrets, we used to chase the beauties together, and we used to hang out every weekend at [mention a mutually favorite place]. We have had such fun times, getting into trouble, coming out of it together, we even took the beatings together. Remember when [mention an incident]. It almost got me crushed but you saved me. Supporting me, giving me lectures on life, you were always there beside me. What happened to you? How did you change so much? Anyway, I am sure you are busy handling things. How’s your family? Are you still into [mention a girl’s name]? Or is it someone else now? 

Don’t worry [mention a nickname you gave]! I forgive you for being such a pain. How about meeting someday? Let’s get to know each other once again. Let’s meet at the same place where we have so many memories together, at our favorite [once again mention the name of that mutually favorite place]. I want to tell you so much about what’s going on in my own life. I will not be listening to any of your excuses. Make sure to reply, else I will find you, barge into your house, and punch you. You know me, man! I haven’t changed!

Regards, [mention your name]

informal letter to a friend

Template: 3

Letter of Recommendation for A Friend

Dear [name of recipient],

It’s been a while since I am writing a letter to you. I want a favor from you. It’s about a very close friend of mine, [mention the name of your friend]. I know him or her ever since my college days and I have seen him or her grow up to be a great person. I always received help from him or her back in college, not just regarding studies but for other problems as well.

He or she was a bright student, always achieving the best results in every subject, passing with flying colors. He or she always took part in co-curricular activities and excelled there as well. Be it basketball or drama club or quiz shows, he or she always used to make the college proud. He or she is a determined person, with a goal to do great in life.

Since I have always been in touch with him or her and have always observed him or her up close, you can take my words as a guarantee when I write that he is a man or woman of many talents. Other than being determined, he or she is hardworking, ambitious, patient, and has this talent of unlearning and learning things again, other than just learning. Earlier he worked for [mention the company name] as a [mention the position] and did a good job, staying there for [mention the no. of years].

A few days back you told me that you have that post of a [mention the name of the role] vacant in your office. If that post is still available then I would strongly recommend [mention the name of your friend] for that. He or she will be a guaranteed asset to your corporation.

If you have any queries or seek any more information then do mail me at [mention your mail ID]. Thanks for considering. Have a nice day.


[Name of Sender]

letter of recommendation for a friend

Template: 4

Letter to Friend Asking for Urgent Help

Dear [mention the name of your friend],

I hope everything is fine, and everyone is doing well. It’s been a long time since I had a conversation with you. I still remember the time when we used to have so much fun in college. We almost grew up together, sharing stuff and having each other’s back always.

But ever since that incident happened when [mention an incident of the past], our friendship broke and we had to go our separate ways. At that time, I fought with you and didn’t realize that I am losing such a friend but now that I do it’s too late. You stopped talking to me and I have long missed the chance to say sorry to you. Many times, I expected that you will be calling me like old times and forgive me knowing how reckless I am, what kind of stupid decisions I always end up taking but that was just a vain hope. I never heard from you after that.

Today, however, I am writing this letter to you for old times’ sake, because I really really need you. I am in deep trouble and there is no way I am able to find a way out of it. I immediately need [mention an amount]. There is a lot that is going on in my life now and I don’t know what to do and whom to turn to. Yes, I know I have to be this shameless to ask you for money, even though what I did to you but I don’t see any other solution and nobody is there to help me in this.

Please call me. I will be waiting. It’s [mention your no.] or at least mail me as soon as possible. I have a lot to tell you.

Regards, [mention your name]

letter to friend asking for urgent help

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