Letter to the Editor: 7 Best Templates


Letter to the editor is usually written when you have something to bring to notice to a huge audience because the reach of a newspaper is the most and also print media is very effective. You must go with this option only when it’s very urgent and also you must make sure that your message is clear and also tell the issues and also what the public is facing. 

How to write a good letter to the editor-

  • Be clear and precise with your message 
  • Make sure you address the right authorities 
  • Be respectful and dont use foul language
  • Thank the editor for letting you convey the message through the columns of his newspaper

Best Letter to the Editor Templates

Sample 1

Respected sir,

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I want to say that, my name Abc and I am a student at the XYZ school in ABC place. In our area, many people have suffered from Diarrhea and typhoid due to the consumption of contaminated water for drinking. In the last six months, 2 people have died because of diarrhea.

We also informed the municipal department about the problem which was mainly because of the befouling of the river through which the water was supplied. The municipal department responded to our complaint. In their response letter wrote that the department tries to fix it by installing a water treatment plant.

It has been 4 months since filed the complaint and no real action has been taken by the department to solve the problem.

I request you to highlight the problem in your newspaper so that  the higher authorities and other people show interest in the problem

Thank you


Sample 2


With the help of your newspaper, My name is ABC and I run for  NGO for children who are getting attracted to drugs and alcohol due to the lack of awareness. Nowadays the children are getting towards drugs and alcohol due to the mental pressure and peer pressure. The children use drugs as a way to release the mental pressure and with time they get addicted to it which affects their health and because of the addiction sometimes they take steps that can be dangerous for their peers and parents.

I have also seen some shops which sell alcohol to underage children which has a big role in the attraction of children towards alcohol

As we know that your magazine has a huge influence on the children I would like you to highlight the problem in your magazine so that the children get aware of the consequences of the intoxication from drugs and alcohol and do not take a wrong step.

Thank you


Sample 3

Respected sir,

I Abc is writing this letter to offer some feedback about the way in which articles are printed in your paper. I accept the content of the articles is acceptable but in the last rec 4 months, I have noticed an issue in your paper. The issue is that these days your paper has become just a way for brands to promote their product and I understand that it is important that the measure of news compared to advertisements is less and the news

We accept that your paper is not the same as all others since you used to print more knowledgeable news but in the present day those types of news are missing from y  your paper. Because of this issue, the readers of your newspaper are losing their enthusiasm for your paper. I hope you understand what I am attempting to say though the letter



Sample 4

Respected Sir,

I am  Abc of Xyz’s place I am writing to you because of the ’ lack of a playground and other sports facilities in our area. Playgrounds and parks are important for the people of an area but due to industrialization the are not getting this.

A lot of children are from this .the child in the locality dont have any playgrounds to play so they paly on the road which is very dangerous for them and the people driving on the road. Some children have also got injuries because of playing on the road. Old people are also affected because they dont get a place for their fitness which is important for them in their age but they dont get this.

Through the medium of your newspaper, I would like to address this problem in front of higher authorities. I hope that what I am trying to explain to you and you will provide me a corner for my article in your newspaper.

Thank you


Sample 5

Hello, Sir, 

My name is ABC and I have been a daily reader of your magazines in the last 5 years and  I have written this letter to you for giving feedback. Nowadays your newspaper has become a little boring to read because when I started to read your newspaper I was very happy to see that your newspaper showed every angle of news when every other tried to focus on the glamorous side of the city and what is going on in a filmstars life but these days I am starting to

that show opinions only of filmstars on an incident rather than showing opinions of experts which you used to do before the issue began.

As a well-wisher of your newspaper, I hope that you will take my feedback in your consideration and focus on what I am trying to say.

Thank you


Sample 6

On 15 May 2019, your daily newspaper printed an article ABC. In  that article, social activist Mr. ABC is portrayed as a corrupt and inhumane person I want to bring it to your kind attention that it is not true

I have known him since our high school days and I can surely tell you that he is a very honest and kind person who deeply cares for poor and needy people and that is the reason why started the NGO after completing his studies. If he wanted to earn money he could have opted for a job in any company and with but he chose to help of poor people.

The reason why he was reported was that he was going to file a case in the court against some very popular politicians because he had some evidence which would have shown the reality of the politicians, the politicians defamed him to save themselves.

I would like you to republish the article with “Name”  defense on al the allegations.

Thank you

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