Pipefitter Introduction Letter Template

The main job role of a pipefitter is to install and maintain pipes that carry gases, acids, and chemicals. Such an individual is trained in organizing, assembling, and maintaining piping systems.

If you have successfully hired such an able man for the post then you must be thinking about introducing that individual to the entire staff next and for this, I have come up with an effective sample introduction letter, having a look at which you will be able to write yours conveniently.

Letter Template: 1

(Mention the sender’ name)

(Mention Job Title)

(Mention Company name)

(Mention the Date)


(Mention the recipient’ name)

(Mention the Job Title)

(Mention Organization’ name)

Subject: Introducing the New Pipefitter

Dear (recipient’ name),

This letter is being written to introduce the new pipefitter of [mention the name of the company or organization] who has been hired lately.

His name is [mention the full name]. He has all the required qualifications and expertise in the field to be a part of our company.

Working as a pipefitter for us, he has been assigned with the duties of measuring and cutting pipes in accordance with the needs, installing and securing pipes, setting and modifying specifications, welding, assembling and lubricating pipes, inspecting and preparing sites for construction operations, repairing breakages, leaks or malfunctions.

He has strong communication and numerical skills. He will be working under your supervision, so please ensure he has an overview of the work done here.

Just make sure that the basic duties are done with absolute excellence and done in accordance with the specified rules and regulations of the company.

For additional information or in case of queries, please give me a call. If you want to talk to him about anything before his arrival, you can reach him at [mention the contact no.] alternatively you can drop him a mail at [mention the email ID], whichever suits you the best.

As we wait for his arrival in the company, we look forward to your harmonious work relationship with him.

Best of luck!

Thanking you


(Your signature)

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