Farewell Speech Samples – 4 Template Format

While we are about to leave a place, it can be anything like leaving your current job for a better opportunity which you got, or it can be when you have got transferred from one location to another or also when you retire from your job.

The farewell speech should be a summary of how your journey was in the company, what was the most memorable moment for you and what advice will you give to your colleagues who are going to stay there for better results. The farewell speech should be compact and it shouldn’t be negative as these will be your last words that people will remember.

Here are best Farewell Speech Samples

Farewell speech Sample 1

Hello everyone,

As today marks the end of my journey here in this company. I would first of all like to thank all of you as you have been no less than family for me.

I would like to mention the role of my manager who has been very supportive throughout my journey here. He was my hiring manager and he gave me time to learn and adapt to the environment of the company and that’s why I have been a follower of his ideologies.

All my colleagues here have been very supportive and people in the other teams envy us for the team spirit that we have. I have got to learn a lot from each one of you. If I start to speak individually about each of you then trust me it will take a whole month to complete as you all are people of multiple talents ad for me you have a friend who taught me and bore with me for 3 years.

I thank all of you for the patience that you had while I use to take my time in learning new technologies. I will never forget the way I have grown here in my professional life and I wish we cross paths again. You can contact me on my personal mail id and my contact number will be always there for each one of you.

Regards to all of you


Farewell speech Sample 2

Hello friends and colleagues,

I don’t even know how 5 years of my tenure here got over and my transfer came. It feels like time just flies away. There are many of you who came after me and there are many who joined around the same time when I joined. It was a great pleasure for me to work with such intelligent and multi-talented people.

It was my second posting and this place has given me uncountable memories as in a new city you became my family. You welcomed my newly wedded wife like a family would have done and that’s the day I knew that there is goodness still left in this world.

I had learned so much under our Manager’s guidance and I believe that all my future successes will be dedicated to you. You have not only sharpened me as a professional but I also learned how to manage personal life which keeps a person at peace.

This day definitely marks my last day in this place but trust me friends world is a very small place and I am sure we wall will meet again in some other place with some other adventures to share.

Officially signing off!

Love and Regards



Farewell Speech Sample 3

Hello everyone,

Such a moment of both sadness and happiness. It is a very mixed feeling for me as I have been promoted and given this as a promotion transfer.

I joined this organization back in 2007 and since then this was my 3 posting. I was very lucky to work with your people. You have supported me in this tenure and have let me work on projects which were really critical for us. It is my pleasure to be a part of a team that is so hardworking and before think of personal selves, people think of the organization, their teams they work with.

I would like to tell each one of you that keep the spirit of working for the country alive as bit by bit we have been able to achieve great milestones and I know that in the future as well we will keep delivering success. The failures that will come in our path will change their tracks as we have a team that works day in and day out to deliver the best.

The head of the team deserves a special mention as he has never believed in micromanaging and given all of us a very open place to work, experiment, learn and then deliver, Thank you sir on behalf of the whole team.

Wishing everyone in the team a very happy and successful life ahead.

Thank you team 


Farewell speech Sample 4

Good evening to everyone present here.

It is a moment of sadness for me as I am delivering my farewell speech but then I feel that after working for 40 years retirement isn’t a bad option.

I had joined the industry as an intern and served two companies with the same designation. The only thing that kept me going was the zeal to do something which nobody expected from me. I worked really hard but then I feel that it was my good luck that in the latter half of my career I got a chance to work with this organization, which cared for the growth of the employee with the company’s growth. This motive of the organization made me join it and then never leave it.

I, with the team, have seen a lot of crucial situations, where the existence of all of us was uncertain, we saw the market changing(/gwoing and coming down both) but the team spirit kept us going and that is what I want to tell all of us that remember the situation will change but your patience will decide where are you going to be in future.

Thank you to the management who has arranged this evening and to the team who helped me grow in my career. I wish all of you grow in your careers, shape your life in the best possible way.

All the best mates!
My life on the other side of retirement is waiting with surprises for me!

Regards & Thanks



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