A Cute Love Letter For Sister

Sisters are someone we can always turn to, call them our best friends and also call their things as our own! Anyone with a sister knows the benefits of having one person.

A Cute Love Letter For Sister

Dear sis,

I know I mostly contact you to scream at you for stealing my dresses or to tell you the latest gossip about the one girl we both loathe! But this letter will be different for a change because, in this letter, I will tell you how much you mean to me. I was jealous that you were born as that would mean all the non deviated attention of mom and dad for me would now be given to you; we would fight almost every day for toys, clothes, favorite food, and so much more. But, as we grew up, we started becoming the best of friends.

You supported me, loved me, and critiqued me when I needed all of those desperately. I am so proud of everything that you achieved, but most importantly, I am so proud of the person that you have become. 

You give me a reason to smile and just be myself, and that’s why I always pray that you have that beautiful smile of yours on your face and achieve every goal you ever desired for. I hope that you understand how special you are and how much talent you have in yourself. I hope you never lose your smile, skills, irritating voice, and, most importantly, your golden heart.

I loved, love and will love you more than you can ever imagine, and I hope you know that you can always count me by your side when you need someone.

With regards

(your name)

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