Anniversary Letter to the love of My Life – 4 Samples

Anniversaries are a way too special for the people who are in a relationship no matter married or unmarried. Everyone wants to celebrate this one day in the most special way possible. Some people arrange candlelight dinner, some gift them things which they adore the most and one of the ways is writing what you feel for them.

These written letters are very emotional and they can be a manuscript for the emotions that you have and will be with you till eternity. In these types of letters, you should mention how you met, what made you stay with that person or what do you want to do with the time that you have. Make it as special as you can.

Sample Anniversary Letter to the love of My Life

Anniversary Letter to the love of My Life Sample 1

Hello Ross,

I know I am not one of those who express feeling a lot but I feel that this date is very close to my heart or should I say to both of our hearts. This very special day marks 5th year of us being together. We met when we were in college all lost in our lives and you came to me like a fresh breeze of enthusiasm.

You held me tight in my moments of failures. You motivated me to achieve heights and you were the one who waited for me outside my examination hall. I know that with uncountable fights we almost lost each other 3 years back but once we sorted those misunderstanding there is just no looking back.

I feel every day that I live the land of a fairytale. Staying with a guy who cares for you silently is just like reading the novels of Nicolas Sparks with the hero right in front of your eyes. You have made me believe that wishes do get fulfilled and dreams do come true. I have got the best present of my life in the form of you.

I wish we keep celebrating these days and record more memories. Cheers to us, our love and the moments that we had and which we will have. Let’s skip a day from life and roam like the lovers we used to be.

Love& Kisses



Anniversary Letter to the love of My Life Sample 2

Hey Julia,

I know you think that I have forgotten what is so special about today. But no, how will I ever forget the day when I felt violins all around me, the twinkle in your eyes made me feel butterflies inside me. I am the luckiest man alive who got a partner so supportive and caring. You proved to be the best friend, wife, and mother to my kids.

I know I have disappointed you a lot of times but today on our 7th anniversary I want to promise that whatsoever happens I will never leave you, I will stay by your sides in all the ups and downs, in happiness and in sorrows. I see a future with you which is as bright as your smile which is as deep as your eyes. I want to be able to stand in front of the sea on our 60th and scream that I love you and will always do.

You made a messy life of mine a stable one. WIth you by my side, I feel a lot stronger and I certainly feel that you are my biggest strength. Wishing both of us a very happy future ahead.

Love&More love



Anniversary Letter to the love of My Life Sample 3

Dear Love,

After staying with you for 19 years I feel I have still not been able to express how much do I love you. Since the day I saw you in school with ponytail I knew I want to spend my life with you.

In these 25 years, we have been through everything together and with you, by my side, I knew it shall pass. You never have left my side and understood things even before I could ever say that. It’s amazing to have your best friend and wife in the same person. The way you took care of our family and kept it all together is what amazes me every time. I think no one else would have been able to do everything with this much perfection.

You have seen the worst in me and still told the world only the best of us. I want to thank you for loving me unconditionally and also for being my best friend. You have been my confidante and I am the luckiest when I say I mean it.

I promise to protect you forever and love you unconditionally. Waiting for you at the dinner table.

Regards & Love

Your Husband


Anniversary Letter to the love of My Life Sample 4

Hello, My life partner,

I would start by wishing you a very happy anniversary. It makes me feel proud to say that yes we made it to here. We will celebrate our 15th anniversary which I never even dreamt about when we first met.

I remember that it was a very gloomy day and you came to the stadium in sneakers, a red T-shirt, and denim, while all the girls around you were trying to please someone and you were busy cheering for the state baseball team, that is when I fell for you.

Fast forward two months, I proposed and you said yes. In a year were married and today we are a family of 8. Doesn’t this all sound like a dream, to me yes. I have been extremely lucky when it comes to you because when you came to my life everything fell into place, job, career, family, friends.

You took care of me like no one ever did, the way you managed to start the business and family with me still makes me wonder how can someone be this versatile. But then it’s you whom I shall give due to credits for the success that we have today. The beauty of your soul is spread all across my life and I want to stay with you till eternity. You are my today, tomorrow and all forevers.

Sending you love and wine.

Your Husband


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