50th marriage anniversary wishes to colleague

Dear [name],

May each moment you spend together put a smile on your face and gives you resilience for more 50 years. Wish you a very happy Golden Anniversary.

II cannot believe you already have accomplished the 50th anniversary. I remember your wedding just like yesterday. I’m glad your love has grown so much since then.  Wedding is not a piece of cake, but you make it so easy and beautiful. Stay the same forever. I have never seen such a perfect match. May your courtship always shine like a big star.

 I know your love will last forever and I will always be there to celebrate it. It’s a match formed in heaven and nothing can change the way you two are connected.  Thank you for make me believe in magic. My dear couple have an inordinate wedding anniversary. I’m not only happy for you. Your love is my greatest inspiration and I believe you still have real feelings. I have witnessed your beautiful wedding ceremony and I feel  favoured for that. 

It is my good fortune to know such an amazing couple. I appreciate your marriage. May God pour all his favours on you. I have wanted you to understand and support each other for many years. Days like these remind you that it is very consequential to find someone who truly loves you. To me you are a model for true love. I am so gratified for both of you. Take love.

Yours  Lovingly,

[sender name]

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