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A 25th Birth Anniversary Wish to Husband

Dear [name],

Happy birthday to the man of my life, the king of my dreams and the spouse of my soul. I am the richest women in the world because I have always had a loving husband. Let’s compliment our romance and celebrate your birthday. Cheers.

I look forward to the simplicity of being with your love. A little angel whispered in my ear that God poured extra love on us. Because today is the birthday of the most caring person in the world. All I have to do is look into your eyes and my heart knows that I was born of you.

All the happiest memories of my life are around you and I want to make sure that today is another happy celebration that we will cherish forever. Can’t wait for the celebrations to start.

I really hope that your dreams, desires, aspirations and goals will come true. Thank you for fulfilling all the desires in my life. Whenever I think about how lucky I am to have someone as handsome, beautiful, loving and warm as my husband, I feel like a  queen. Can any girl ask more?

You are the sweet melody that filled the gaps in my life script. You tune in, I want to talk again. You are the movie I will never get bored of. You are a novel that I can read again and again. You are the lover I will love forever.

Yours Lovingly,

[sender name]

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