Investment Banker Welcome Letter Template

The most important duty of an investment banker is to work with companies, individuals and governments to help them raise capital by borrowing money or issuing stocks. Such an individual needs to be extremely competent and talented.

If you are able to hire such an able person to work for your organization or corporation then you might be thinking of writing a nice welcome letter.

To help you with this I have created an effective sample letter, having a look at which you will be able to write yours with total ease.

Letter Template: 1

[Mention the name of the sender]

[Mention the Address of the sender]

[Mention the contact information of the sender]


[Mention the name of the recipient]

[Mention the address of the recipient]

[Mention the contact information of the recipient]

Subject- Letter to Welcome the Investment Banker

Dear [Mention the name of the Recipient]

Extending a cozy welcome note, we would like to congratulate you on being appointed to the [mention the name of the company].

On behalf of all the staff, managerial officers, and other investors, we would like to welcome you like our new Investment banker for the [mention the name of the company].

We feel really contented to have you on our team for the growth and establishment of the company.

Kindly treat this letter for the invitation to a dinner cum inauguration ceremony that has been organized for you for the purpose of discussing the job role, duties, and remunerations.

As you already know, we would like to remind you that the incentives and other beneficiaries are solely dependable upon the assigned tasks from the headquarters and are subjected to scrutiny further, as mentioned in the annexure you signed along with the offer letter and also the joining letter.

We are looking forward to having a more professional yet friendly bond between you and the company. In case of any doubts, kindly ask for assistance from the human resource development, which will help you overcome it with ease.

Thank you so much for flourishing a career along with the [mention the name of the company].

With regards,

[Hand-Written Signature]


[Notary or witness if required].

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