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Subject: Welcome letter for the Post of Yoga Teacher

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a great pleasure to congratulate you on your appointment as the Yoga Teacher of our Institute (Mention the name of the institute).

Your experience in the field of Yoga and your academic qualifications has convinced us about your thorough knowledge of yoga (both theoretical and practical). 

We evaluated you during the interview session and found you extremely suitable for our institute. We also found that you are quite passionate about your professional field as Yoga Teacher and have immense patience and leadership skills.

We hope that these qualities of yours will help our students in a better way and enhance your experience in your profession.

Your joining date will be functional from (Mention Month Date YYYY). Your duty hours will be from (Mention the login time) to (Mention log out time).

We are a part of this prestigious Institution (Mention the name of the institute), training the students in different co-curricular activities.

We aim in helping the students to gain better health and mind through our Yoga classes. We do expect that you will be able to impart quality Yoga classes to the students of our institute.  

As we had already discussed earlier during the interview, your salary package will be (Mention the amount). You will get the net salary amount along with allowances and deductions. You can review the breakup of the salary given on the next page.

The responsibilities you have been assigned as the Yoga Teacher of our institute are:

  1. Training the students with different poses of Yoga and Meditation as per the curriculum.
  2. You will be responsible for setting the curriculum of Yoga.
  3. Promoting fitness and wellness plan by creating awareness of the benefits of consuming a nutrition-rich diet.

Kindly sign the copy of this Welcome letter along with the pages enclosed to confirm your joining our organization. You can call us at our contact no. (Mention the contact number) to get your queries resolved. 

Welcome to our Institution with a great career ahead!

Let’s work as a team with the spirit of fun!

Wish you Thanks with Great Regards,

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name,


Institute’s Name,

Institute Contact No.:

welcome letter for the post of yoga teacher

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