Welcome letter for the post of Preschool Teacher

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Subject: Welcoming note for the occupancy of Preschool Teacher

Dear Sir/Madam,

It’s our great pleasure to offer you the position of Preschool Teacher. Welcome to the family of (Mention the name of the school).  It is your experience in this field for a period of 4 years and innate knack for teaching that we understood during the interview.

All these aspects have convinced us to select you for this respectful work. You will have to do your duty for (Mention the hours) and your reporting time will be (Mention the time).

Your joining date has been confirmed on (Month Date YYYY). You will be receiving a monthly amount of (Mention the amount in numeric) as your payout.

As an experienced person in this educational field as Preschool Teacher, you must be aware that possessing the qualities like endurance and compassion is necessary to handle every student.

It will help you evolve more as a better preschool teacher and that will help in winning the confidence of the students and the whole school administration. 

You need to fulfill the respective duties in concern with the job as the Preschool Teacher:

  1. Promote healthy hygiene habits among the children and explaining the importance of cleanliness in life.
  2. Imparting knowledge in an interactive way and that depends on the age group.
  3. Assessing the skills of the students through assignments and examinations on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.
  4. Preparing the report cards and interacting with the parents to discuss the best possible ways of improvement of the child.
  5. Taking disciplinary action in case the student is disobedient.
  6. You need to put emphasis on the child’s wellbeing, learning ability and overall development.
  7. Overall, you need to report to (Mention the name of the senior teacher or Principal or Headmistress).

Kindly go through this page carefully and also the next pages related to salary break-up and policies of our school administration regarding the leave facilities.

Please do put your handwritten signature on the pages of the welcome letter and return us back to confirm your acceptance in this job.

If you have anything in your mind then you can share it with our school administration. We are there to help you.

Yours sincerely,

Thanking you,

[Your Name]


[School‘s Name]

[Office Contact No]

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