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Sub: Welcome letter for a Phlebotomist

Respected (Recipient Name),

We are proud to inform you that you (Recipient Name) are being welcomed as a Phlebotomist of our laboratory (Name of the Lab).

We have recently opened up our new branch (Mention Lab details) so thanks to you that you have trusted and applied for the same.

Our first priority is to make feel patients comfortable during the procedures they undergo because sometimes they feel uncomfortable and nervous after seeing the blood-related things.

So in order to make everything run smooth, we handle such things with proper safety precautions and extra care.

Our branch consists of several qualified and experienced members and you being the new member we all are eagerly depending and trusting on you to see how you can carry us along with you in the future.

We are very much relying on you and hence to make you feel more comfortable we have prepared a small interactive session on (Mention the date) at (Mention the time) where you can put your thoughts and ideas before us so that we can plan and implement it later for the betterment.

After everything comes to an end a small token of appreciation in the form of lunch is being organized for you and we will be really obliged if you join with us in that. So with the hope of securing our patient’s life more, we welcome you once again.

If you need help with anything please call me anytime, I am available. Thanking you.


(Hand-written Signature)

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