Welcome Letter For the post of Chartered Accountant

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Subject: An Invitation Note for the Post of Chartered Accountant.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are delighted and proud to appoint you in the honorable and responsible position of Chartered Accountant in our prestigious firm (Mention the name of the organization). We are very eager to have you as a valuable and distinguished member of our company.

Since you have been a great scholar in the field of Accountancy and had been practicing in previous chartered accountancy and law firms for (Mention the number of years),

we believe that your contribution to our firm will see huge monetary benefits or a big turnover.

Your joining will be effective from (Mention the Month Date YYYY) and you will be attending your duty hours from (Mention the login time to(Mention the Log Out time). 

You will be provided a salary amount of (Mention the salary amount) plus allowances and deductions. 

In this organization, we do work as a team and coordinate with one another to fulfill the business needs as per the clients’ satisfaction.

We work with our respective targets and so you have been also given your individual responsibilities in this organization:

  1. Supervising the tasks and duties of the accounting team.
  2. Assisting in making financial reports.
  3. Recording the financial data in the financial software of our company.
  4. Helping in preparing the yearly Balance Sheet of our organization.
  5. Coordinating and arranging meetings in regards for sharing information about the different financial investments and updates.

We observed during the interview that you have great communication and leadership skills.

We are sure that you will be an achiever and excel in bigger form and that will add brand value to our company.

Please bring all your certificates on the date of joining (Mention the joining date if needed).

Kindly sign the copy of this page and return us back. This will prove to be a confirmation of joining. For any concern, please do call our HR team at this contact no. (Mention the contact no.).

Wish you Good Luck and Success!

Welcome to (Mention the name of the company).

With Warm Regards,

Yours Sincerely,

Thanking You,

Your Name,


Company’s Name,

Company’s Contact No.:

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