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Sub: Welcome letter for a Veterinarian

Dear (Recipient Name),

We are pleased to inform you that you (Recipient Name) are being welcomed as a veterinarian in our center (Name of the Center). As you know our center (Mention details of the Center) is a well-renowned one and it has several branches across the globe.

We are extremely confident enough that you will prove to be an outstanding member of our center. We mainly focus on the animals that need special care and attention and we also deal with the owners who are highly sensitive and emotional towards their pets.

So based on your CV we truly believe that we did not make a wrong decision and so you will live up to our expectations.

Our center consists of eligible staff, those who are really understanding and humble towards their colleagues, and so for you, it won’t be a problem to adjust.

A small ceremony will be held so please make yourself present on (Mention the Date) at (Mention the Time). We would love to hear a few words from you about your past experiences so that our fellow staff can get motivated.

We have arranged a small lunch just after the ceremony gets over and we will be honored if you become a part of it.

We welcome you once again with the hope that your dedication and hard work will do wonders for our center.

You can call me at your convenient time for further information. Thank you.


(Hand-written Signature)

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