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Subject: A note of Welcome for the post of Camp Counselor

Dear Sir/Madam,

It’s our pleasure to select your profile in the post of Camp Counselor for our next summer camp. We are very pleased with the interview session with you.

We checked your professional and academic records and found you suitable and promising for this post. You will be joining our team on (Mention Month Date YYYY) at this venue (Mention the place of camp) at (Mention the time).

You will be given a salary of (numeric value (basic)) along with the necessary allowances (numeric value (rent) + numeric value (dearness allowance) +numeric value (medical insurance)).

We found that you have played a vital role in arranging and setting up different outdoor activities for the children aged between 6 and 12. During the interview, we also checked your ability to coordinate with the management is excellent.

Now let us explain your role and responsibilities in the post of camp counselor in our summer camp season (mention the yyyy).

1)Firstly, designing and drafting summer camp activities held outdoor which are related to arts, crafts, sports, forest, and mountain trekking for the children in the age group between ( mention the age criteria of the children).

2) Maintaining discipline among children and take disciplinary against any child or any group of children involved in conflicts, arguments, and indecent behavior.

3) Planning a quick tour for the children over the age of (mention age in numeric) to train and engage them in trekking, cooking, and water sports activities.

4) Coaching and managing safety protocols for every student and counselor.

We do hope that you will be the perfect guide for the children as well as the counselors and the managerial group.

Hope that you join our camp and make the camping tour entertaining and interactive.

Welcome to our team

Kindly confirm your date of joining by signing the copy of this welcome letter in handwritten and returning back to us. Please do contact me for further queries related to your job and camp-related activities if you have any.

Congratulations on your selection as Camp Counselor. 

Yours faithfully,

 Thanking You,

  [Your Name]


  [Camp‘s Name]

  [Camp Contact No]

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