Welcome Email to New Employee – 7 Sample Templates

Welcome Welcome Email to New Employee - 7 Sample Templates

Welcome Email to New Employee – 7 Sample Templates

It is very necessary for any organization to welcome a new employee in such a way that he/ she doesn’t feel like an outsider and this begins with a good email, welcoming them and telling them some basic rules of the office and what have you planned for their first day.

A new employee is a very important person as they are not going to be a part of your team and their comfort will help them give their best in all projects and team activities.

Welcome Email to New Employee

Welcome Email to New Employee Sample 1

Dear “employee Name”, 

It is my pleasure to invite you to the bookkeeping division at XYZ Company. I delighted in conversing with you a week ago, and I am anticipating seeing you on “Date”. 

At the point when you show up, you’ll see “Colleague Name” in the banquet room. He’ll take you to get your ID, show you your workspace, and acquaint you with the remainder of the staff. We’re anticipating working with you. 

Welcome to the group! 


Full Name

Contact Details


Welcome Email to New Employee Sample 2

Dear “New Employee Name”, 

I was satisfied to hear that you acknowledged the situation with our firm and that you’ll be going along with us on “Date”. Welcome on board! You’ll be working intimately with me for a coming couple of weeks until you become more acquainted with the daily practice here. 

I’m anticipating hearing your thoughts and getting your information. Try not to stop for a second to call, content, or email me in the event that you have any inquiries before your first day. 


Sender’s Name


Contact Details


Welcome Email to New Employee Sample 3

Dear “Reciever’s Name”, 

We are exceptionally glad to invite you to the business group here at “Company Name”. You are going along with us at an energizing season, as we are moving into our busiest season. We are confident that with your new thoughts and excitement, this will be perhaps the best summer ever! 

As we talked about during your meeting, we are anticipating uncommon development this year, and are relying on you to assist us with arriving. 

At the point when you show up on the” Date” stop by my office and I’ll demonstrate you to. We are for the most part anticipating working with you and are sure that you’ll be an extraordinary fit for this group. Welcome on board! 

Yours really, 

Sender’s Name

Contact Name


Welcome Email to New Employee Sample 4

Dear <Candidate Name>, 

Welcome to <Company Name>! We’re so eager to have you join our development group, and I accept you’ll be an extraordinary fit here. I’m anticipating becoming more acquainted with you better in the following many months. As your chief, I’m eager to perceive how you’ll fit and develop with the group. In particular, I am anticipating seeing what you can bring to the group. 

I’ll see you on at <Date>. We’ll meet over espresso to sift through your desk work. We would then be able to go on a casual voyage through the workplace to meet the remainder of the group. 

Try not to stress over anything – simply bring yourself! 

Anticipating seeing you on “Date”, 

Your Name

Contact Number


Welcome Email to New Employee Sample 5

Dear  Employee’s name, 

We are truly eager to invite you to our group! As concurred, your beginning date is the “date”.  We anticipate that you should be in our workplaces by time and our clothing regulation is business casual.  

At  Company name, we care about putting forth a strong effort. As you will before long observe, we have arranged your workstation with all-important gear. Our group will help you arrange your PC, programming, and online records on your first day.

For your first week, we have additionally arranged a couple of instructional meetings to give you a superior comprehension of our organization and activities. 

We are anticipating working with you and seeing you accomplish extraordinary things! 

Best respects, 

Your name  

Your signature  


Welcome Email to New Employee Sample 6

Hello, there new employee name! 

Welcome to the group! We are excited to have you at the company name. We realize you will be a significant resource for our organization and can hardly wait to perceive what you achieve. 

Only an update, your first day is “Date”. All you have to bring is yourself, your personal ID and your government managed savings card. Our clothing standard is easygoing, so wear something comfortable! As I referenced previously, we offer adaptable work hours whenever between 7 a.m. what’s more, 7 p.m. For your first day, however, if it’s not too much trouble show up by 9:30 a.m., and don’t hesitate to stop in any plain spot in the stopping deck. At 1:30, I’ll acquaint you with your recently recruited employee guide, “Technical assistant”, who will be your go-to fellow throughout the following couple weeks. 

In the event that you have any inquiries before Monday, don’t hesitate to email me or call me at direct line number. 

By and by, we are eager to have you in the group and expectation you’re anticipating your first day as much as we may be. 

Welcome on board! 

Manager signature  


Welcome Email to New Employee Sample 7

Dear “ new employee name”, 

Welcome to the company name  — we are eager to have you onboard and anticipate seeing you on your beginning date of “Date”. As an update, our business hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. In any case, we ask that you show up by 8:30 a.m. on your first day so we can demonstrate you to your workstation and give you a voyage through the workplace before your direction. 

You are free to stop anyplace in the stopping deck, put something aside for the saved spots. Once inside the structure, kindly check in with Mary at the front counter. She’ll give you your security identification. I’ll welcome you to the entryway. 

We generally dont overburden our employees with rules and regulations and hence you can wear anything comfortable and can come by 9:30 AM. We usually accommodate meetings online and hence you can take conference calls from any location of your convenience. Just make sure all your work is done by the deadline.

Welcome on board! We anticipate seeing you Monday, and we’re glad to have you in the group. 

 Manager signature 

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