Warning Letter to Employee for Breach of Policy – 8 Formats

Reprimand Warning Letter to Employee for Breach of Policy - 8 Formats

Warning Letter to Employee for Breach of Policy – 8 Formats

While you handle a team of 100-200 people or an organization as a whole there is a need for policies that keep the work in the company going. But at time you encounter employees breaching those policies and hence you need to reach out to them for a warning and make sure that they understand the consequences of this in the future.

Time to time you should remind the employees to work following the guidelines and the policies that the signed before joining the company.

Reprimand Letters to an employee for a breach of policy

Warning Letter to Employee for Breach of Policy Sample 1


Our employee manual clearly states that salaries are private matters between department heads and the employees. It is a gross violation of company policy for any employee to attempt using any and all means to figure out what another employee earns. 

Yesterday afternoon, John caught you glancing through the company payroll. The corporation won’t tolerate such behavior. In the event that you do it again, or on the off chance that we have proof that you have uncovered any information that you may have seen, we will terminate your work. 

I am certain you understand the gravity of this violation and I believe you will avoid the payroll office starting now and into the foreseeable future. 

Manager Human Resource


Warning Letter to Employee for Breach of Policy Sample 2

Hello Mac,

As you are aware, Tale and Associates are reluctant to repay associates for personal feasting costs. You have claimed $58.11 as a business eating cost for February 3, 2018, yet there was no authorized eating that day. 

Please think about this as a warning. The firm won’t repay you for this expense nor will it repay you for any such future unauthorized eating costs. Please stop your practice of claiming personal feasting costs as business costs. 



Warning Letter to Employee for Breach of Policy Sample 3


Your unauthorized and undocumented utilization of company truck #6 is an immediate breach of company engine pool policy. I ask that you make no further unauthorized utilization of engine pool vehicles. Another breach of company policy may bring about your dismissal. You will be offered and asked to hint an official letter of reprimand, which will be placed in your faculty document for at least one year.

In the event that no further infractions of the company policy are submitted, this letter will be expelled from your document after one year. I believe that this will be the finish of this matter. 



Warning Letter to Employee for Breach of Policy Sample 4

Hello Cindy,

This letter fills in as notice to all employees concerning the reality of disregarding the company smoking policy. We have made clear in the past that employees are not to smoke in company vehicles or at places of work. In any case, it has become obvious that many employees are not abiding by these guidelines.

All employees are therefore advised that failure to abide by this policy will bring about the termination of work. We trust that this clears up any misunderstandings there may have been and that this won’t be an issue later on. 



Warning Letter to Employee for Breach of Policy Sample 5

Hello Rebecca,

I should inform you that I have gotten complaints about you from a portion of the female employees in your office regarding what they have seen to be chauvinist remarks and jokes that put down ladies. I accept that this is just an issue of misguided thinking on your part; by and by, I am certain you understand the earnestness of these complaints. 

I want to meet with you to examine this matter, so you may better understand the sort of language and funniness that others may discover offensive.

Manager HR


Warning Letter to Employee for Breach of Policy Sample 6

Hello Rebby,

It is very annoying to know that you have been passing the trade secrets out in you casual meeting with people from rival companies. I understand that you might share some personal relation with people after office but the company policy which you signed while joining clearly states that you cannot share official documents outside the premises and the personal mail is to be used for official purposes only.

As this is the first time we have come across such a happening we are giving you a warning but if this repeats we will have to fire you and take legal action against you on the charges of breach of policy.

Kindly take your work ethics seriously.



Warning Letter to Employee for Breach of Policy Sample 7

Hello Samaira,

This is to inform you that one of your sales administrators has behaved badly with our client Mr. Jerry Patel. In addition to it, we have also heard that he has also given some confidential information about our company to some external agents. We have adequate proof against him. 

The client had called him up on Sept 14 however your sales representative avoided by saying that he is too occupied to even think about attending to him and his questions. This is completely against the strategies of our company. Nobody in our company is allowed to pass on any confidential information or affront any of our clients. 

We want you to handle the matter and to act against the sales workforce. Please issue him the termination letter. 




Warning Letter to Employee for Breach of Policy Sample 8

Dear Silvia, 

As we’ve as of late talked about, your absenteeism is negatively affecting both your individual performance grinding away and your team’s efficiency. We take attendance at work truly and we anticipate that all our employees should comply with our company’s policy regarding time off]. 

In any case, you have every now and again violated this policy and have surpassed the number of days you can be absent from work notwithstanding reprimands. All the more specifically, in the last month, you didn’t appear grinding away 21st,22nd,23rd with no earlier notification to either HR or your manager. We do understand that surprising issues may arise occasionally and we [are adaptable (for example, by giving the alternative to telecommute or take a debilitated leave to take care of a wiped out family member). But, we despite everything anticipate that our employees should be professional and act in our company’s wellbeing. 

This is your [first] warning notification. We anticipate that you should address your behavior and request a break in advance and in a formal way (for example via email to your manager or through our HRIS. Otherwise, we should take further disciplinary action, up to and including termination. 


Manager-Human Resource

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