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Warning Letter to Distributor under Supervision – 7 Templates

Every company needs some products from outside sources and that is when we have a distributor for a certain set of products that we receive from them on a monthly basis or fortnightly like stationery, snacks, furniture, etc.

But sometimes we dont receive the service which we pay for or get products which are damaged or not of the highest quality so you should always warn the distributor first so that he mend his ways and writing a letter to them is the easiest way to do it.

Warning Letter to Distributor under Supervision

Warning Letter to Distributor under Supervision Sample 1

Hello Silvia,

You may recall that the agreement you signed to become a distributor had few clauses which I think you have missed, that to qualify as a distributor you should maintain an average of at least 50 cases of tennis balls in stock. A survey of your last four months’ requests shows that you are averaging just 35 cases.

There may be some reason for this, including a straightforward misunderstanding of the provisions of our agreement. Be that as it may, so as to keep your distributorship, you should increase your stock to 50 cases this month. 

I believe that you will be to make up for it. I have encased a request structure for your benefit. In the event that there is an issue, please let me know. Doe Corporation wouldn’t like to lose you as a distributor. 



Warning Letter to Distributor under Supervision Sample 2

Hello Elina,

I making the most of our conversation in January about increasing the circulation of our content from 200 to 250 upper-division establishments. As I understand it, circulation remains constant at 200. I feel a half year is an ample time to engage 50 additional colleges or junior schools.

In the event that you wish to proceed with your present contract, please send me a rundown of 50 additional upper-division foundations that will utilize the content. I need the information before the finish of July. Thank you for your snappy reaction. 



Warning Letter to Distributor under Supervision Sample 3

Hello Mac,

It has been over a month that we have recieved any update from you about the orderwhich was placed on 19th of februray 2020.

For the last two months, there has been no response from you about the products which were ordered and also the issue is about the incorrect billing and even after many calls from our side nobody from the team has reached out to us for the correction and clarification.

We have been taking the supply of stationery for the last 6 years from you and before taking concrete steps from our side we would like to have a word with you so that this doesn’t happen again.



Warning Letter to Distributor under Supervision Sample 4

Hello Ronnie,

As you realize, the details of your contract indicate that at regular intervals you should locate one major seller with the ability to sell 1,000 units inside five months. You have not consented to these terms for the past year. Thus, your position as a distributor is in jeopardy.

Locate a seller inside a quarter of a year or we will have no decision yet to regard your inaction as a breach of contract. We earnestly trust you are able to determine this matter quickly and effectively. 



Warning Letter to Distributor under Supervision Sample 5

Mr. Solmen,

It has been seen that since your going along with you are not performing up to the level that been normal, also if we see the set of entertainers that are with you at this time are below average, which is legitimately bringing about hardheaded insubordination and gross carelessness of obligations, in your capacity as Operator.

Performing beneath the level is making yourself liable for necessary action. You are therefore warned to build up your performance; failure to do so shall summon appropriate action. You are additionally advised to present a composed explanation on your lackluster showing as soon as you get this letter. Benevolently treat this as pressing. 

VT Entertainers


Warning Letter to Distributor under Supervision Sample 6

Dear Ronn, 

From our agreement I read that to qualify for the status as a distributor, we should have a base request of 500 cases of packaged juice drinks every month. As I was experiencing your request history for the past a half year, you just had an average month to month request of 300 cases. It could just probably be an oversight or perhaps you have a valid explanation for this. Notwithstanding, for you to keep being a distributor, you have to conform to the provisions of the agreement. 

I trust this can be settled at the soonest time conceivable. ABC Marketing still certainly wants to have you as a distributor. In the event that you have worries about this matter, simply call me in my office. 



Warning Letter to Distributor under Supervision Sample 7

Dear Mr. Wallace, 

This letter is a suggestion to you on behalf of terrible showing that you are indicating reliably for the last three months. You were given the target of 400 sales inside a month, yet you are lacking behind in indicating great performance and reliably placing us in great misfortune which is a great threat to our company.

We have come to know through reliable assets that you are failing in satisfying the daily tasks and targets that are given to you. We are watching out for you since the day you have started indicating horrible showing and have also come to realize that now you don’t have the capacity to meet the daily targets. 

This thing has also come as a misfortune for you. You won’t be given any sort of allowance and employment expansion now, the one that was guaranteed to you from your day first in the company. You have to keep your pace up to the guidelines of the company. 

This is presently the last warning to you to activate yourself and it’s your obligation currently to meet the daily targets that would be given to you. In the event that you have sort of disarray and inconvenience regarding this you can counsel with your concerned chief, he will accommodate you. We will watch you for the following two months and will watch out for you.

In the event that you fail indeed in meeting the targets, at that point, it would bring about the type of losing your employment. I trust you will remember this thing and will buckle down with more vigilance later on. 


Julie Catherine

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