Warning Letter for Attendance: 4 Templates

Here we have already covered various sample letters, and speeches to help you to complete your task easily. Now here we are going to cover some sample letters regarding a letter of warning for attendance.

Here it’s important to mention some effective and important words to complete your letter with a proper format. Here we have discussed all points and while writing your letter you must have to mention the points which we have already covered here.

Letter Template: 1

Warning Letter for Attendance

(Your name)

(Your address)

(Your contact information)


(Name of the Recipient)

(Address of the Recipient)

(Contact Information of the Recipient)

Sub: Warning Letter for Attendance

Dear (Name of the Recipient),

You are requested to consider this letter as a warning regarding your continuous attendance problems in the organization (mention the name and details). Your irregular attendance is affecting the flow of our work.

Our other employees are also becoming demoralized. Our minimum required attendance is (mention details), but yours is far under that. I previously told you about this problem in our meeting. But you did not change yourself.

Therefore we are sending you this letter to remind you that your appraisal will be down for this, the ad will be unable to give you further promotions and incentives.

So we request you to try to change your attitude towards this problem and help us to improve further.

Your regular presence and dutiful attitude towards us are essential for the hassle-free operation of our department.

We hope you will be able to increase your attendance rate in the future and help the organization succeed.

Thank you very much.

With regards,

(Hand-written Signature)


(Notary or witness if required)

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