Volunteer Recommendation Letter Sample – 5 Format Templates

We all at some point or the other conduct some kind of program in which we require volunteers and I have seen that at times we come across really hard-working people who want to contribute as much as they have and these are the people who grow in their lives.

So we should always give them a recommendation letter so that the next time they look for a role, they have an edge over others. Mention their qualities in the letter and pursue the person with your words to give them a chance to showcase their ability.

Volunteer Recommendation Letter Sample

Letter Template: 1

To Whom It May Concern, 

This letter is an individual recommendation for Mr. Justin. Justin has been an individual from RYC Charity Foundation for as far back as five months. I need to come to know Justin very well during this time. 

Justin is a functioning individual from Kale Charity Foundation. Since his joining, there had been a colossal development in the number of customers joining the Kale Foundation’s English Learning Program.

He ensures the Kale Charity Foundation is notable among his companions.

Justin has an astonishing persuading force and he sorted out a gathering pledges venture, which was exceptionally effective. There are a ton of customers who are keen on volunteering with the establishment, which is a direct result of Justin’s character and astonishing character.

He has propelled youth to work with such establishments, which are working for the advancement of the network. 

Justin’s amazing character and inspirational aptitudes will make him a fantastic contender for any association. 



volunteer recommendation letter

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Letter Template: 2


To Whom It May Concern: 

It is with much energy that I suggest Joe Bloom for incorporation into the College Scholars Program at the University of Tennessee. 

I was Joe’s teacher for various English classes during his four years at Morristown-Hamblen High School, including AP English during his lesser year. In our classes, Joe showed a degree of imagination, mind, and investigative ideas that is very uncommon among secondary school understudies. 

Joe’s wide-extending insight is with the end goal that he would be exhausted by generally green bean and sophomore-level Liberal Arts courses.

He is prepared to accept and exceed expectations in upper-division classwork and has the self-inspiration to effectively make and execute an autonomous course of respects study. 

Joe’s scholarly qualities are supplemented by his shown initiative aptitudes – he was our band’s drum major for a long time and filled in as Vice President of the Student Council and Editor of our secondary school yearbook.

He is additionally dynamic in his congregation and in the Sierra Student Coalition. 

If you don’t mind let me know whether I can give any more data to reinforce Joe’s nomination for the College Scholars Program. 

He has an exceptionally unique instinct, and I believe he will go far in improving our reality. 


Jane Evans 

volunteer recommendation letter

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Letter Template: 3

Dear Ms. Exhaust, 

If you don’t mind, acknowledge this letter as a recommendation for Richard Raul as a Volunteer for your locale outreach association. Richard is a resigned Air Force official who is devoted to investing his free energy in helping other people.

He is an entirely mindful volunteer and he has been an enormous resource for our association. 

For the following a while our association should suspend tasks and we needed to release the vast larger part of our volunteers. Richard was crushed so I prescribed that he search for circumstances somewhere else.

His energy for volunteering and his amazingly high insight make him the perfect volunteer for your association.

He is genuinely capable which came in extremely helpful when setting up for urban occasions. 

We will miss Richard yet we realize the amount he needs to help individuals. I would gladly give more data in the event that you need it. Kindly don’t hesitate to call me at 555-332-3243 or email me at [email protected]

Earnestly Yours 

Gail D. Resch 


volunteer recommendation letter

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Letter Template: 4

Dear Ms. Whitney: 

It is my respect to suggest one of the most devoted volunteers to ever work with me at our nearby part of the American Heart Association. Caroline Ford has more vitality and assurance than anybody I have ever observed.

We have raised record dollars since her contribution to AHA because of her interesting and innovative gathering of pledges’ thoughts. At this moment Caroline isn’t holding an office with AHA however is filling in as one of our occupied “working drones.”

It is my conviction that she has the performing multiple tasks ability it takes to likewise fill the empty spot of treasurer at the nearby part of the American Cancer Society. 

Caroline is the sort who satisfies her duties regardless of the staff. Regardless of whether she gnaws off somewhat more than she can bite, she goes ahead with devotion to doing what she vowed to do. There is nobody I realize who is more fair and dependable than Caroline.

She has passed the personal investigation required by the AHA and I am certain will have no dings on her record of volunteerism that will prevent her from filling in as your treasurer.

She comprehends and clings to legitimate bookkeeping rehearses, gathers precise monetary reports, and keeps a superb record of each exchange. 

Popular and regarded by her friends, there are barely any individuals I have delighted in working with more than Caroline.

I am sure you would be content with her work. I am glad to prescribe Caroline Ford as a volunteer for our nearby American Cancer Society and accept she will make a phenomenal treasurer.

On the off chance that you might want to talk about my encounters volunteering with Caroline, it would be ideal if you reach me at (555)- 555-5555 or email me.


Harry Jones 

volunteer recommendation letter

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Letter Template: 5

To whomsoever, it may concern

Hello John,

Richard wants to volunteer for the same number of hours out of every week as we required him and I am sure he will proceed with that propensity with your association.

At whatever point we required somebody critically to complete something we never dithered to approach Richard and he never let us down. He turned into our single most fundamental resource as he will become for you. 

I have never worked with any individual who has the degree of energy that Caroline has. Having lost relatives to both coronary illness and malignancy, discovering remedies for these two ailments is critical to her.

She is an eager laborer who is reliable and approachable.

Caroline isn’t reluctant to change the approach if a procedure isn’t working out. She is adaptable and her objective is an accomplishment for the section, whatever it takes.

Caroline is focused on making our locale a superior spot with the penance of her time and endeavors through neighborhood volunteerism. Set forth plainly, she is only an individual who cares. He is a diligent child and I think he will prove his worth. All the very best.

volunteer recommendation letter

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