Visa Request Letter: 8 Appealing Formats

The Visa process is a tedious job and you need to be very clear with what your purpose for a visa is. In this case, you must write a very formal application to the authorities citing the reason for the same.

The visa process might take 10-3 months in general and hence patience is the key here. You must also be very prepared for a brief interview where you will ask basic questions about your visit.

Template: 1

Visa Request Letter

Respected sir,

I would wish to state that I even have applied for my spouse visa within the embassy last month. however, I haven’t detected any response until currently. However I would like to grasp regarding the strategy of my application and at that level, it’s been on.

My application range is xx-yy-zz. I might like my relation desperately here to hitch employment vacant and specially reserved. She is working in America for the last four years and she hasn’t seen her parents since that time she has seen her child since that time currently her child is suffering from a severe disease and this could be her last time to see her child.

Please method constant at the earliest as I might like my family to be here before the forthcoming (20 October 2019) so that we are going to welcome the year along here in the United Kingdom.

Kindly review and confirm the issue and inform American state however long it will take. Thanks so for your usual cooperation and understanding.


Applicant Name

Template: 2

Visa Request Letter

Dear sir,

My name is Applicant Name. I would like to submit my application with all of the specified files required for the process, with the intention of feat a student visa for a length of two years.

I have created my plans of transferring to the united states of America with the solitary goal of following my higher schooling which might facilitate Maine to reinforce my professional prospects.

I had been given admission the jimmy park university of nursing for Associate in Nursing course of duration 2 years, from the year 2020 to 2022

In accordance with the list, I am attaching the subsequent files in assist of my package.

  1. Visa application form 
  2.  Visa Application Form
  3.  Copy of Passport’s data page
  4.  Letter of admission from University
  5.  Proof of opening of Blocked Account
  6.  University Degree Certificate
  7.  All semester transcripts of Bachelor Degree

I would like to request you to recall my application and grant Maine the visa that I shall be implausibly grateful.

Yours Sincerely,

Applicant Name

Template: 3

Visa Request Letter

Respected Sir,

My name is “Applicant Name”  and I have written this letter to request a travel visa for my self and my spouse, Peggy Ambrosefor our planned trip to Florida fro the date 20 October 2020 to 30 October 2020. On this trip, we are planning to visit our relatives and a tour of the nearby tourist places like Everglades national park and Magic Kingdom park.

We will be staying at the royal palace resort. I am employed at Winston Industries where I am employed at the post of a sales manager I have the annual salary of 12000 dollars . my Employer has also given me the No Objection for the trip.

I have planned to finance the trip on my own. 

Given below is the list of documents enclosed with this letter 

  • The completed Visa Application Form
  • My passport
  • My flight and train ticket reservations
  • Visa Travel Health Insurance
  • Hotel reservation receipts 
  • Letter of Invitation from my sister in and town
  • No Objection Certificate from my employer
  • My Bank Statements from the last six months

I hope that you have got all the adequate details required for the reply for my visa application. Thank you

Yours faithfully 

Josh Anderson

XYZ street, Abc square, New York 

Template: 4

Visa Request Letter

Respected sir,

My name is “Applicant Name”  and I am a recognized journalist from America and had been reporting for ABC news for two years now ., As you already know about the very important for the climate change summit taking place in which many important decisions will be taken by united nations at the National community center in Africa.

I have nominated myself to be the reporter for that event on behalf of ABC news. I have reported many important events for the ABC news.

Journalism is my passion and my career as well. I need to get to the core of this and assist the world-changing event and bring it in front of all the viewers of our news.   

Considering my given reasons, kindly trouble me with a Journalist Visa for Africa as soon as you can.  I am attaching a copy of my recommendation letter given ABC news and a duplicate of my passport alongside this letter as well.

Thanking You

Jimmy Harper

Senior journalist

ABC News

Template: 5

Visa Request Letter

Respected sir

My name “Applicant Name”  and I have written this letter to you because I am suffering from stage 3 cancer and because of the lack of the required medical facilities in our country. The  Jhonson hospital in which my cure was ongoing.

The doctors recommended me to the Richardson cancer hospital in America. So have planned to go to America from October 30, 2019, to 10 November is a very important operation for my disease and I dont have much time left for my cure if  I will no get the propper cure the chances of my death will increase.

I intend to finance the whole traveling and hospital bill in America.

I have the given list of documents required for the visa

1.Medical certificate

2.Passport copy

3.Recommendation letter

4.Appointment letter 

5.My Bank statement for the last six months 

6.copy of my health insurance

Understanding my medical conditions I request you to approve my visa application as soon as possible.

Thanking You

Applicant Name

Template: 6

Visa Request Letter

Hello Sir,

I am an “Applicant name”, an employee of HCL Systems. My sister staying in Brazil is current;y in a health emergency and hence I would request you to provide me with an emergency visa so that I can reach the place and take care of her.
Please find the documents attached to the mail.

1.Ration card to prove that she is my immediate relative

2.Health certificate from the hospital where is currently under treatment.

Kindly schedule my interview at the earliest.

Applicant Name

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