Vendor Reference Letter Template

When you know any suitable person for the job position of a vendor and want to refer him to the authority of any company, you can use the below sample letters. Here we have enlisted some sample letters regarding letters of reference for vendors.

Here you have to mention his skills, working abilities, personality, and some other information about the person. If you face any kind of difficulties, then use our below letters for your help.

Letter Template: 1


[Name of the recipient],

[Address of the recipient],


Sub: Letter of reference for vendor

Dear (Sir/Madam),

This letter is a personal recommendation letter written by me (mention the name of the person) to refer (mention the name of the person) as a suitable person for being the vendor mentioned by you previously. He/she has been interacting with me for the time period of (mention the time period) years. 

As an acquaintance of him/her, I am delighted to say that his/her products and services are very good.  He/she is one of the good product suppliers who have very good communication skills. He /She has a very good reputation for his products in our area. He /She is a person with strong morals, which have helped us maintain our good relations for a very long time.

As one of his/her acquaintances, I can give you the proper feedback about his/her good products and good characteristics. If you need any other information regarding this letter, you can contact me at any time . The contact no is (contact no of the person).

Hope you will consider this letter seriously.

Thank you very much for your time.


[Name of the sender],

 [Organisation name].

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