University Introduction Letter Template

A new university has opened up in your locality. As a prominent member of the community, you should introduce the university to the people. You should write a letter of introduction for this purpose.

In this letter you may mention the location of the university, the courses offered there, the qualifications of the faculty, and any other notable information that you might feel is relevant. In order to find guidance in writing this kind of letter, you may follow the templates written below.

Letter Template: 1







Dear [Recipient Name]

It’s my pleasure to introduce myself. I am (mention your name) from (mention place name). Currently, I’m pursuing my final year (mention course) from (mention university name) with an aggregate of (mention percentage). I completed my +2 from (mention school name) also I have done my schooling from (mention school name)

My strengths are my attitude, ability to take challenges, self motivation, and strict discipline. I am a good team player and have a good ability to lead the team. I am adjustable to any kind of environment. I am a good listener fast learner. My weakness is I cannot tolerate any lenity in work

My ideal goal is, To want a platform where I can grow my career along with the organization’s growth like yours, I want to be one of the reasons for the success of the organization and I want to see your organization as a benchmark to other organizations. It was a great experience to study here at (mention college name)


[Sender name]

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