Uncle – 50th birth anniversary- Sample Template

Dear Uncle,

      When I think about the persons who have helped me to become the individual who I am today, I definitely think about my parents as we often do. But I also think about another extraordinary person who helped me to grow. That person is an amazing guide and he is none other than you. I hope you celebrate this birthday big. After all it is not every day an adroit uncle turns fifty. Happy 50th birthday Uncle.

It makes me smile thinking about the memories we created together. If I ever become half the person I discover in you, I would not complaint because that would be decently nifty. You shine like a bright star in our family. You have guided on the path to success. I thank you for every little thing you did for me. Family reunion would not be fun without you, Uncle. Your laughter fills a room, and everyone gathers around to hear your best stories. I am always there for you when you need me in your all thick and thin. You are loved.

I will never forget how you handled me when I was in a great mess. My parents could not handle it but you always know what to do. Fun, interesting, charming and calm. This is what my uncle means.  You looked after me, not as your nephew, but as your child. I owe you an immense gratitude. You deserve all the pleasures of the world.

Yours Loving,

[Sender name]

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