64+ Best Turtle Puns and Funny Quotes

Turtles happen to be amongst the cutest creatures found in the sea. Some people like to keep them as pets. They are specialty popular amongst the children. In fact, turtles have been mentioned in many well-known children fictions and here we have highlighted some interesting turtle puns in the subsequent paragraphs.

Turtle Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What is a flying turtle called?

A shellicopter.

  • The pet turtle of mine has expired.

Instead of being upset, I am simply shell-shocked.

  • In what manner do turtles interact with who were another?

With the help of shell phones.

  • What are you going to get after crossing a turtle with a kangaroo and a giraffe?

A turtle neck jumper.

  • I went to the costume party as a turtle where I had been invited.

I really enjoyed a shell of a time out there.

_What type of photographs are taken by the turtles?


_For what reason will a turtle never forget?

Since he has turtle recall.

_What is a turtle who has taken up photography called?

Snapping turtle.

_What will you call a truck full of turtles crashing into a train full of terrapins?

Turtle disaster.

_What is the favorite sandwich of Leatherback Sea Turtles?

Jellyfish and peanut butter.

_What is a turtle chef called?

A slow cooker.

_What is done by the turtles when any one of them celebrates birthday?

They can go for a grand shell-ebration.

_What are you going to get after crossing a turtle along with a porcupine?

A slow poke.

_How is a turtle who going to feel after becoming electrocuted?


_I went to attend a turtle pun class with my wife last day.

It  tortoise absolutely nothing.

_Where are the turtles committing crimes sent?

To the shell-block.

_What is a famous turtle called?

A shell-ebrity.

_Where will a turtle go when there is a downpour?

To a shell-ter.

_Seeing you I was absolutely s-turtled!

_After the demise of my close buddy, I am in turtle shock!

_If you face any problem simply add the numbers and calculate the turtle.

_I am turtle-y into cute animal puns.

_When the Penguins want to come to a decision, they usually flipper coin.

_Wish you snappy holidays. Enjoy a lot!

_There is hardly any doubt about the fact that animal puns are really spe-shell!

_My pet turtle is scute that everybody likes him at the first sight.

_Being slow and steady will win the race for you.

_What is going to happen when a turtle is brought to a party?

It will become a shell-ebration.

_What was told by the cow to the turtle?

Try to mooove on.

_What will happen when you become involved in a combat with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

You are going to become shell shocked.

_What is a turtle which poops a lot called?

A Turdle.

_What kind of jokes is told by the sea turtles?

Shell-arious ones!

_What are you going to get after crossing a turtle along with a giraffe?

A Turtle-Neck.

_For what reason did Shell City not have any regulations?

Since it had been turtle-ly extreme.

_What is required by a turtle for riding a bike?

A shell-met.

_What are you going to get after crossing a turtle and a pig?

A slow-pork.

_What are you going to get after crossing a porcupine and a turtle?

A slow-poke.

_For what reason is turtle wax so costly?

Since they have got very small ears.

_Where are the turtles committing crimes sent?

To the shell-block.

_What is a turtle having 6 feet called?

6-foot turtle.

_What will happen when your children want to purchase a turtle?

You are going to shell out lots of cash.

_Why was it not possible for the ninja turtle to cross the road?

Since it did not have adequate turtle power.

_My grandmother is known to run the kitchen just like a turtle-tarian. Provide her with some space right there.

_These ideas are extremely shellow; they will be of no use whatsoever.

_The turtles are continuing to win battles since they are able to shell their enemies perfectly.

Turtle Puns

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