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80+ Best Thinking Of You Messages For Him

When you fall in love with someone, no matter what you do, no matter where you are, the actions and thoughts of yours always feel connected to them.

The feelings get much stronger when you are not with them.  Even if it’s free to go anywhere, it still goes in one particular direction, towards the person you are madly in love with.

The article is depicted to inspire and help you in making that particular person feel loved and cared for, also to put much better words to your thoughts for him. He can be the boyfriend, best friend or husband, here are the best thinking of you messages that you can send to the special one.

Thinking Of You Messages For Him

-When I think about you, my world feels changed, I feel my heart getting bubbles and my mouth forget how to talk. Nothing seems to matter when I think about you.

– You are my reality that is much better than anything I ever dreamt about.

– Be my memory that never fades, a story that worth telling and the temptation that start till end, be my love.

– I would have a billionaire overnight If I get the dollar every time I think about you.

– I can’t imagine my day going without thinking about you.

– I feel my heart going to burst with happiness when I think about you.

– My love for you cant get fill any boxes in the world, it’s so unmeasurable.

– I can’t stop myself thinking when it’s about you.

– I am in love with the most precious person, who makes me happy and loved. I can’t stop now, I think about you every day.

– My favorite part of the day is when I think about you.

– Thinking about you is like a hobby and I never realized how much I liked doing that.

– My heart beats faster when I think about you, I feel myself blushing and giggling at your thoughts.

– You are the special person in my heart, the one I love, the one I cherish, and the one I think about every single minute.

– You are the reason I smile so happy every day and every minute.

– I wish I could say to you, I wish I could show you. My love for you is beyond its limit and I feel so happy because of you.

– You are always in my thoughts, no matter where you are, no matter where I am. I think about you always.

– There is not a single day when I don’t think about you, my love.

– of all of the things that are in the world,  I love you the most, and I really miss you.

–  Probably, you deserve someone who is much better than me, but I can assure you no one can think about me as much as I do.

–  No matter how bad the day is going. When I think about you, and I begin to feel alright.

– You are such an amazing man, a man who is always in my dreams and thoughts.

– Want to know what is in the world that makes me feel so happy? the thought of you in my mind.

– I love your smile, I am thinking about you so much today.

– Your smile Is so warm, your words so sweet and everything you do makes me fall in love with you more.

– Hey handsome, I have been thinking about you! I hope you do the same too.

– You are not just the love of my life but my best friend too. Someone on whom I can spend the most.

– Even though the darkest day of my life, I hold your thoughts to guide me and positively my mind.

Sweet And Cute Thinking About Him

– You are the one who gives me the most encouragement, the motivator, the guidance, and someone who loves me beyond what I deserve.

– Even though sometimes I feel I don’t have the best day, thinking about you makes me feel so good.

– I pray for happiness and hope that we enjoy more good things together.

– When I think about you, I feel the feelings that I never felt and I fall in love with you even more.

–  A day without you feels so empty. You are like my sun. Thank you for being in my life. I always think about you.

– When I think about you, my day gets better and better.

– I think about you when I go to sleep, I miss you more and more. I hope you come back soon.

– In my thoughts, we are always together.

– You are in my thoughts, the more I think about you, the more emptiness I feel. I hope to see you again soon.

– No matter what happens, you are always with me.  I think about you, I love you, babe.

– When I think about you, I realize the precaution gift you are for me,

– You are my addiction, I think about you every day and I feel so good about my days.

– When you are not here, I think about you. You are the most amazing person I have ever met. I hope you know that.

– Whenever I feel like I am in doubt, I think about you and decide what you will do when you are here. And I do it.

– I hope you grow more, I hope you have the best things in the world and stay happy. I think about you every single day.

– you make me think about you, it’s your thought that fills in my heart and I can’t get it off because I love it so much.

– You are the most wonderful person I have ever met, and I fell in love with you. I think about you every day.

– Never forget that you are not alone, you have me and you are in my thoughts forever.

– The distance we have right now is tough, but don’t feel worried because you are with me, in my thoughts.

– I hope you think about me as much as I think about you.

– The more I think about how amazing and wonderful a person you are, the more I fell in love with you. the more I want to be with you.

– thinking about you and the time we spent together, I appreciate so much and the things you have done for me.

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