65+ Funny Thanksgiving Puns and One-Liners

Thanksgiving is a festival that is celebrated by a lot of people. It includes spending time with your loved ones with a lot of food. Can you gather with people you tend to crack jokes and have fun with them?

Puns can be a great way of bringing out laughter in people with a little different style. Here are some puns that can be used on Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving Puns and One Liners

– I looked into her eyes and told her that you are caramel in my pie. 

– We suddenly found my brother’s missing from the Thanksgiving get-together. I went upstairs to the terrace to check and I found that boiled beans were not the only green stuff that they needed that night. 

– What we really do on Thanksgiving is eat, drink and turkey. 

– Do not litter, have more butter. 

– I really love you. You butter believe me. 

– I like the way he proposed. He said that Will you go hogging food with me? 

– Can I take you in for some turkey?

thanksgiving puns

– Will you turkey with me?

– Do you want to go to my place and stuff?

– I can’t have more food. I am stuffed. 

– I am all drooling over your gravy. 

– Can I gravy you out? 

– Try and try and you’ll dig in some turkey. 

– I am getting all gravy. 

– The plan for thanks given was simple, buttery dine and cranberry.

– I invited her to my place asking if she wanted to Netflix and Turkey. 

– She looked in my eyes and said to me with all the love that you are the pecan to my pie. 

– I love you so much. I want to share the leftovers of Thanksgiving with you. 

– Thanksgiving means lots of butter and family drama. 

– I am on a very strict diet. But I can have a butter turkey day. 

– After thanksgiving, all I think is I wish I would have counted my carbs one by one because now I can see what butter has done. 

funny thanksgiving puns

– It is thanksgiving, you must forget your football for some time and focus on the butterball that is in the kitchen. 

– Let’s get mashed with mashed potatoes. 

– Green beans is the only green stuff that I do on thanksgiving. 

– We sat by the fire and talked about the good old days and childhood memories. My uncle started making fun of my sibling. That night it was not just turkey that was roasted. 

– My mom makes the best Thanksgiving food. There is nothing butter than that. 

– The only by that I am interested in is pumpkin pie. 

– Keep your gourd down and mingle with everyone because it is Thanksgiving. 

– I found my brother’s back in the garden and realized that it was not just Turkey which was getting baked. 

– The dinner that my mum cooks on Thanksgiving is just yam. 

– We were having Thanksgiving dinner at our place after many years due to family discord. That night Tur-key unlocked our hearts and brought back the same love. 

– It was Thanksgiving and there was so much to do. Turkey and my wife both need to be dressed.

– Family gatherings are weird. Even though there was Turkey on the table my uncle could not stop being jerkey on the table. 

– The dinner of Thanksgiving was so tasty that we buckled up the eating process but later couldn’t buckle up our pants. 

– On Thanksgiving there is no room for extra food even the Turkey is stuffed. 

– When we go to my grandmother on Thanksgiving, she makes sure that everyone is extra stuffed, even the Turkey. 

funny thanksgiving jokes

– We do not prefer anything cold on Thanksgiving, either it is people’s hearts or turkey. 

– My uncle asked where was the pumpkin when he came for Thanksgiving. My mom told him that it was in the kitchen. Uncle went to the kitchen looking for my dad. 

– Nobody wants to sit next to my uncle on Thanksgiving. He is plucking boring.

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